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“hi! I have listened to Ask alice bailey many, many times and I still love it. It would be great if you could make a video for every song you have. just my imagination...”

Courtney - NumberOneMusic

“Very modern. Ask Alice Bailey. I like it.”

Karen Snider - NumberOneMusic

“hey your tune p y p u is the song of my day today, I've been listening to it since the early morning. isn't it wonderful?! need I say more... just love it”

Jon Rochmis - NumberOneMusic

“Hi! I just heard your song No Coincidence and I think it's going to be a major hit if you play it on a national level. You deserve much more popularity for sure! Fingers crossed!”

Jenny Welsh - NumberOneMusic

“Hey!!! Listened to Ask Alice Bailey and already loved this one, it was just wow such emotion. So glad you can write stuff like this. One of my favorites and I'm glad you are still around. Federico”

Federico - NumberOneMusic

“You know, just finished listening to ask alice bailey, a couple of times actually. Lol.. And thought it was awesome. Keep it up.”

Moritz Renfrew - NumberOneMusic

“LOVE No Coincidence! Have to download it! How can i get it??”

Ariana Petro - NumberOneMusic

“Amazed. I like ASK ALICE BAILEY and I am feeling this track. Now it grows on me.”

Luke Halabi - NumberOneMusic

“Can't get enough of P y p u. Love It and will be replayed many many times in my list of favourites!!!!!!”

Dennis Aldridge - NumberOneMusic

“Ya know, I replay P Y P U over n over. Good stuff which deserves to be heard by masses. Jo”

Jo Darin - NumberOneMusic

“Wow I'm impressed you make catchy tunes. I'm gonna have 'NO COINCIDENCE' in my head for days now! Jonathan”

Jonathan Bryant - NumberOneMusic

“hey P y p u is such a spectacular tune, expecting your other tunes in the way like this...”

Julian Berlitz - NumberOneMusic

“Hello! About the tunes: they are really good, I love the sounds... I've been really captured by this one which is called P Y P U. I really like it!! I hope my support will help you and soon I'll listen to your new music! :-) many Regards!!”

Joan Berg - NumberOneMusic

“hi...I just spent the last hour playing No Coincidence over and over again... dont send me back there, i need to do something!! Never stop sending us your incredible messages via music.”

Mervin Hastings - NumberOneMusic

“Hiya!!! P Y P U, this song is great! Also, I love all the other sounds you posted at N1M to date!”

Heinrich - NumberOneMusic

“Heyyyy I've shared your P Y P U on N1M charts. You're making your way up!”

Elliot Ruffin - NumberOneMusic

“Doing great, listening to No coincidence over and over, amazing work!”

Alison Macondray - NumberOneMusic

“I luv your song No Coincidence. I havent heard all of your music yet but I'm sure I will”

Agnes Raymer - NumberOneMusic

“Hi! i wasn't able to post a review for your song at n1m. I really like the song P Y P U. I feel that would be the best one for a radio play, it just has that feel to it. Good Luck!”

Terrence Dennis - NumberOneMusic

“Hey....Your tracks are just great and I believe your music inspires a lot of people to follow you. I wonder how come I didn't know about you earlier. Please never give up makin such a great music for us!!! a BIG thank you!!! btw my fav is p y p u”

Laura - NumberOneMusic

“Keep on singing protest music. this is excellent”

“ yea good swagga good flow”

“ nice lyrics”

“ its awesome!!”

“ ayo this that raw sh*t keep doin ya thang”

“ i love ur music!!! :)”

“ siiiiiiick song, thanks for your contribution to the people”

“ Greatest hit all”

“ best new artist rapper I've heard in this place =)”

“ Definitely on target!”