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Tijuana Sweetheart / Press

“When I arrive just as Tijuana Sweetheart is setting up, the place is already packed, and it is absolutely hot as balls. It seems like there are enough Tijuana Sweetheart fans in attendance to have sold the place out themselves.”

“‘Under The Gun’ is a very interesting CD presenting a wide assortment of styles ranging from garage rock to pop punk to hardcore and even touching on metal. It’s almost as if the ladies of Tijuana Sweetheart are informing the whole world that their musical talents know no bounds. And based on the results, I’d have to agree.”

“The trick with the Sweethearts is that at first you think they are coming to beat you up. Then you realize they are coming to beat someone else up for you. And you’ll probably get some noogies or a head-slap or something in the progress, but it’s only because they love us. You.”

“Going to a Tijuana Sweetheart show is like douching with Tabasco sauce. You feel an immediate burn between your legs, you're a little frightened, and it stays with you a long time. Amazing! :)”

Brittany Calla, local sasspot - Facebook

“I find I'm drawn to both their creative, sexual energy and their indomitable will to make the record they want and, well, fuck off if you don't like it. We live in a far too PC world these days. I'm just glad I'm in a place in which such efforts can be celebrated at full volume and with stage makeup to match.”

“Every song on third album “Under the Gun” ... is a fresh sonic blend of the Ramones, Rancid and the Go-Go’s. Recycling old, obvious sounds may be unambitious, but Tijuana Sweetheart is too much fun to care.”

“Under the Gun is nine tracks led by the fierce growl of lead singer “The Hellion,” and supported by furious powerchords, violent licks, and layered backing vocals that add another strong dimension.”

“There’s poppy sweetness overlaying “Sunday,” and big honkin’ metal breakdowns on tracks such as “E.A.T.” The latter is a fiery denouncement of a troll who apparently lives under the Tobin Bridge that ends with the proclamation, “We’re Tijuana Sweetheart and this troll can suck our dicks!” If you’re thinking, “That lyric doesn’t make sense. Tijuana Sweetheart don’t have dicks,” then you’re encouraged to lick my pussy.”

“At this point I’d pull some blowhard move like giving the record an “omg eleven!” In the middle of my inner struggle to retain writer credibility, Tijuana Sweetheart began to writhe and fume about the road rage induced by the toll trolls of Massachusetts in “E.A.T.,” taking the stance of, “We’re Tijuana Sweetheart and this troll can suck our dicks.” I came hobbling back to reality, my writing credibility in shambles, and I finally came to a conclusion. I’ll write about Tijuana Sweetheart each chance I get, continue supporting the presence of kickass local punk, and maybe by the law of attraction there will also be more Tijuana sweethearts in my life.”

“Tijuana Sweetheart nominated for 2nd Boston Music Award!!”

“These moments are evidence that the adolescent angst has diluted, and has been replaced with a genuine love of creating and playing music for themselves, their friends and their fans.”

“Tijuana Sweetheart play night #2 of the 2011 Rock N Roll Rumble!!”

“Tijuana Sweetheart's "Trash Candy" finally hit the Rock Band Network. This song - a steal at 80 points - was just the excuse needed for a father-daughter Rock Band review. This is not questionable parenting - it's called bonding.”

“Tijuana Sweetheart LIVE on WMBR!”

“A rose by any other name would smell as drunk.”

“When we started this band, we sat around and talked about the fact that if we worked really, really hard, we could play a Wednesday night at O’Brien’s.”

“Tijuana Sweetheart Press Collection”

“Tijuana Sweetheart (formerly VAGIANT) nominated for Boston Music Award!!”