Kyler England / Press

" Kyler’s an award-winning songwriter in her own right, and no doubt has music made to be heard by the masses."

“Kyler England writes and sings of live wires and brushfires - things that are fast to ignite and faster still to burn out. Rife with complex melodies and emotional honesty, her songs crackle to life with her sultry, magnetic delivery.”

Asheville Citizen Times

“Compassionate and introspective songs, all performed with confidence and intimacy.”

Performing Songwriter Magazine

“I was blown away song after song.”

Billboard.com live review

“Hot 100 Unsigned Artists 2007”

Music Connection

“If you dig into the recesses of your memory, and recall the millions of little things that inexplicably wiped away your tear-stained cheeks as a child, that’s what listening to Kyler is like.”

Fordham Observer

“'Clean Slate' on The Deep End Top Songs of 2007”


“Creating songs that touch people has never been a problem for England. With intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics and lush, well-crafted melodies carried by a warm voice dripping with emotion, England can make even the most common subject sound fresh and new.”

Montgomery Newspapers Ticket Magazine