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“The Vineland-based rock band Cheezy and the Crackers recorded its four independently released CDs using a mixture of outside studios and lead singer Cheezy McNasty's home setup. Their second and third releases, "Cheezy McNasty for Mayor" and "Bananas for Sasquatch," were recorded at McNasty's home studio. McNasty has a personal computer just for his home studio and used the Nuendo and FL Studio software programs to record the band's music. Each software program can be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars online, McNasty said. "Bananas for Sasquatch" hit the top 100 on the iTunes reggae chart. Both of the band's home studio-recorded albums are available on iTunes. More of their recordings - some with parental advisory stickers - are available at cheezyandthecrackers.bandcamp.com "If you have decent sounding material and a bar code, the world's biggest marketplace is the world wide web," McNasty said.”

“When you're in a band, coming up with a cool and unique name for the group can tax the brain as much as writing original songs or figuring out how to land a label deal. Unless you get some assistance from a helpful pimp. That's how Vineland's Charles Stahl came up with the name Cheezy and the Crackers for his band.”

“The South Jersey/Philly 'go-to' band for the party.”

The Press of Atlantic City

“The members of Vineland’s reggae and rock hybrid Cheezy and the Crackers seem to be living in a dichotomy of sorts, but it’s a dichotomy that has them laughing all the way to the stage. The band is both silly and serious, and crosses over several seemingly incongruous genres with ease. Though their stage presence and songs tend to reflect the more laid back, relaxed aspects of life, the band also pursues philosophical and social themes in their music.”

“ Not only was the show crisp sounding and full of great new material, but I could sense the groups connection with each other, as well as ability and gift to connect to our locals during their performance. It felt like they had been here for a while. This is an undeniable key to live performance. It is a great achievement to maintain balance and connect with the energy of the audience just as is sounding great recorded.”

“An innovative, one of a kind mixture of reggae/hip hop/avant garde/fusion, fused with the reincarnated essence of Rick James, created in order to allocate our genre to the ear drums of the masses. Pick up what we're putting down, we'll love you forever.”

Letter we wrote to Snow's manager

“Reggae, funk, rap and blues. Get drunk and act a fool, wake up like "yo, what happened dude?" sometime around like four in the afternoon.”

Cheezy McNasty

“Cheezy and the Crackers simply bring the fun to your door step! High energy. High times.”

RocknRoll Gods