Misner & Smith / Press

“Timeless sound with revitalized imagery...not to be missed.”

“Although their music is directly inspired by the country greats such as Woody Guthrie, in lyrics and sound, they feel very authentic and original.”

“Listening to their music is like standing in a field of California poppies in a gentle summer breeze.”

“Many listeners will feel their hearts have been found after discovering this promising duo.”

“Their ease on stage is matched in their effortless performance and clean musicianship. And so with a timeless San Francisco sound but revitalized imagery in their ever-poetic songwriting, Misner & Smith are a duo not to be missed.”

“Their sound captures a distinctive singer-songwriter style, while adding harmonies and instruments...Their lyrics are creative and break out of the clichés that songwriting can fall into.”

““There are many duos around like this couple, but to my ears, with their top quality original songs, distinctive vocals and stage presence, they stand out from the pack.””

“Charming lyrics...are reminiscent of the young Paul Simon. And there's something unmistakably Dylanesque in the talking blues of the title track.(Poor Player)”

“Misner and Smith play their instruments with skill, and take turns leading the songs with perfect folk-style voices.”

“I was struck from the first notes of the quality of their musical interaction...the harmonies are reminiscent of “the high, lonesome sound”...lots of folks sing good together but this is truly inspired vocalizing...a unique blend...this is “shivers up the spine” singing!! ”

“*Misner & Smith* make a strong case for folk Americana without baggage and for music with intricate simplicity and lyrical dignity. This duo is a Bay Area treasure that needs to be shared.”

“Driven by the tasty blend of voices, the music rides along atop bluegrass, folk and Americana sound waves. ‘Halfway Home’ is a powerful testament to tradition, story telling and doing what you love.”

““Poor Player” is about a neophyte performer nervously waiting in the wings. After recently headlining at Freight & Salvage, the prestigious acoustic showcase in Berkeley, these two have moved up in class from that lowly status. Their next album could very well be called “Star Power.””

“They make some damned gorgeous music. Pure heart and craft.”

Matt D'Amico - Misner & Smith Fan

“Misner...is one of the most promising songwriters I've heard in quite some time.”

“Intimate, mesmerizing and magical.”

Lisa Hogan - House Concert Host BOULDER, CO

“Both Misner and Smith have great singing voices individually, and when they perform together, the harmonies are truly inspired.”