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“The Cobalt venue was being saturated with a thick veil of fog as This Romantic Tragedy took to the stage and beyond. Clean vocalist Sean Neumann and lead screamer Chad Dague were right there on the floor with everyone else, performing practically in the faces of the audience members who crowded around the area. The live show This Romantic Tragedy presents is tremendously tight, with the rapturous songs reverberating throughout. Opening with a new tune entitled Illusions, the band clearly demonstrated there is a lot of life and determination to found within This Romantic Tragedy. Towards the end of the set, the band’s should-be genre classic You’re Just A Trend was delivered, still sounding more impassioned than ever. Sole original member David Diaz remains a subtle yet very vibrant presence, with all of the electricity generating from the two front men, but his guitar work was impeccable. Look to the future and you are sure to find This Romantic Tragedy rocking your world ...read m”

“In spite of recent lineup changes and a record label departure, This Romantic Tragedy continues to perform with the same sense of urgency and conviction that they’ve always maintained over the past few years. The headliners for this particular tour, the Las Vegas-based collective nearly blew the roof off the Cobalt with their devastating live performance. Opening their set with the dynamic You’re Just A Trend from their Reborn CD on Tragic Hero Records, This Romantic Tragedy presented nothing short of a mesmerizing performance. The band even premiered a new song entitled Inner Cosmos, demonstrating a decidedly progressive edge to their already imaginative sound. The two vocalists from This Romantic Tragedy were front and center, exuding an energy that was highly combustible. The clean vocals from the charismatic Sean Neumann were soaring and impassioned while the screamed parts were unleashed with a fiery magnetism by the one and only Chad Dague. more...”

“This Romantic Tragedy is embarking on their first US tour of 2012 with We Are Defiance, Last Of Our Kind, and Speaking The Kings. The “New Year To Fear” Tour will begin on February 6th and last through March 1st. This Romantic Tragedy will start of the tour with shows in Tucson Az and Midland Tx. Florida’s We Are Defiance will meet up with the tour in Georgia on the 9th. Tour Schedule....”

“This Romantic Tragedy to play Extreme Thing 2012 Las Vegas Extreme Thing has grown into a huge musical and sports event over the years, adding additional stages each year and it becomes a big thing for bands to play this event. This Romantic Tragedy is not a stranger to the event, the band members visited the outdoor musical and sport event years before they became a band, and when they became a band they won a contest twice to play the event on the XPOZ local stage . After a year break the band was invited at the last minute to headline the local stage last year, and this year This Romantic Tragedy will open the Main Stage- Lower Field with such bands as The World Alive, All Shall Perish, Black Dahlia Murder, Of Mice And Men, Alesana and Falling In Reverse. Extreme Thing Sports and Music Festival is an annual event presented in Las Vegas, the event will be on March 31, 2012 at Desert Breeze Park, from 11AM to 10PM. ”

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“This Romantic Tragedy joins All Stars Tour. Every summer tours and festivals cross the United States for the public attention, Warped Tour is huge, but on a somewhat smaller scale it looks like the All Stars Tour will be the talk of the town with a superior line up of the top bands. The tour will travel across the US and Canada and feature Emmure, Alesana, I Wrestled A Bear Once, BlessedTheFall, For Today, In This Moment, Born Of Osiris, The Ghost Inside, Motionless In White, After The Burial, Chelsea Grin, Attila, Sleeping With Sirens, For All Those Sleeping , Memphis May Fire and just added This Romantic Tragedy. The All Stars Tour will begin July 21 and run through August 23rd. Line Ups may vary depending on the venues size. For full details visit the website for the Venue, any of the participating band websites, or the All Star webpage. Http://www.facebook.com/AllStarsTour . ”

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“THIS ROMANTIC TRAGEDY Interview with Guitarist David Diaz By Alexa Rabini I remember when I first saw THIS ROMANTIC TRAGEDY in 2008 at a small music venue in Las Vegas called Jillian’s. Since then they have had their ups, downs, and line-up changes just like any other band, but have grown throughout these past three years. In May of 2009, they signed to Tragic Hero Records, and recently released their first full-length album Reborn.”

“Every little part of the structure of the songs all piece together nicely into one big jigsaw to create a thoroughly enjoyable record with ‘Reborn’, almost as if they have thought about how all the instruments can be put together in such a way, rather than focusing on breakdowns like a lot of bands nowadays.”

“THIS ROMANTIC TRAGEDY, "Reborn" (thisromantic tragedy.com): The CD cover is telling: Amid a bombed out landscape, with fire-scorched buildings toppled against one another like doomsday dominoes, stands a lone tree, itself nearly dead, save for a few leaves, the only signs of life -- and color -- to be seen. As such, "Reborn" is an airtight blend of melody and menace.”

“..." And then This Romantic Tragedy slammed out of the gate swinging, with Reborn being a triumph for the band on so many levels. One of the most fascinating aspects to be found on Reborn is certainly the sheer dynamics of the songs and the very creative arrangements not normally displayed within a metalcore/screamo band. It’s a powerful, cathartic work destined to gain This Romantic Tragedy a good deal of attention."”

“RUSHrockinfo Ryan Usher CD REVIEW: This Romantic Tragedy: Reborn is a solid album. A few songs sound similar, but they are all pretty good! They are a young band with great potential. Give the album a listen; I think most will enjoy it, they did a good job! Reborn gets a 7.5/10”

“8.5/10...As far as their own identity goes, This Romantic Tragedy play screamo to put it quite simply. They have some great singing, awesome screaming, breakdowns, soaring moments, and some lightly used synth work. On paper, it does not sound like anything special, and all honesty, it really isn’t something we haven’t heard before. However, This Romantic Tragedy do it all very well, therefore giving it a good name. Reborn is often quite catchy and addictive, leaving it a home in your memory.”

“This Romantic Tragedy and Hollow Tour review: ... Fans of entities such as I See Stars and Asking Alexandria are sure to meet a brand new favorite when encountering the passionate songs and intensive live performances of This Romantic Tragedy. It’s not going to be long until this Sin City collective is headlining their own tours.”

“Band born in valley on brink of releasing first full CD. This Romantic Tragedy is looking forward to what 2011 will bring, namely, more tours and a new CD. The band plans to release its first full-length CD titled "Reborn" on....”

“THIS ROMANTIC TRAGEDY SIGNS WITH THE PANTHEON AGENCY! We are very excited to announce, that we have officially signed with and are now working with Ash Avildsen, and Amanda Fiore of the Pantheon Agency. They book tours for bands such as Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Winds Of Plague, and many other notable bands! We plan to tour for the remainder of the year and into 2012 throughout the entire US, Canada and other countries to support our new CD release coming out this spring. “We are very excited for this huge opportunity and ready to get back on the road and tour and meet all of our amazing fans!” - Kyle Huender (guitarist This Romantic Tragedy) Make sure you keep up to date with the latest news on This Romantic Tragedy on tumblr, myspace, facebook, or twitter. We can’t wait to see you all soon! - *This Romantic Tragedy*”


“This Romantic Tragedy announce tour w/ Mozart Season Tour dates: January 7th The Redhouse, Walnut Creek, CA. January 8th The Epicentre, San Diego, CA. January 9th Di Piazza, Long Beach, CA January 14th Mickey’s Place, Las Cruces, NM January 15th The Pinebox, Midland, TX January 16th, Emo’s , Austin, TX January 18th The Reverb, Tulsa, OK. January 19th, The InBetween, Enid, OK January 20th Boney Junes, Evansville, IN. *More Dates May be announced follow the bands online for the latest updates Http://www.thisromantictragedy.com Http://www.myspace.com/mozartseason Http://www.myspace.com/kingdomofgiants”

TRT Tour dates w/ Mozart Season

“This Romantic Tragedy announce tour w/ Mozart Season This Romantic Tragedy will be playing a short tour of the Western States in preparation for their CD release in the coming months. The Vegas band recorded their first full-length endeavor for Tragic Hero records at the Machine Shop (Cobra Starship, Suicide Silence, Chiodos) in Weehawken,New Jersey with Wil Putney in the fall of 2010, and will begin a very busy 2011 with this tour that will include Sacramento’s “Mozart Season” (Equal Visions) and “Kingdom Of Giants”. The tour will start on January 7th 2011 in Walnut Creek, California and will include stops in selected States including California, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Indiana. The bands will be involved in statewide tours in the coming months in support of the new CD. This Romantic Tragedy and Tragic Hero Records will be announcing the title and release date for the new disc soon.All This Romantic Tragedy’s music is available on iTunes. ”

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“This Romantic Tragedy has concluding their final week at the Machine Shop recording Studio in Weehawken New Jersey, where the band has been recording their first full-length album for their record label Tragic Hero records. And the recordings are now in the capable hands of Producer Wil Putney, The Machine (Gene Freeman) and the staff at The Machine Shop. “This was quite an experience, we got in near car Crash, the car in front of us did not fare that well. We shared the Studio with Asking Alexandria, and members of Lenny Kravitz band. Chad got 20 stitches in his head after tumbling down a flight of stairs, we hung out at Times Square, and partied. We will not forget Jersey anytime soon”, Sean says, and Chad agrees holding his head.”

“This Romantic Tragedy just got done recording their Tragic Hero Records debut album at The Machine Shop in New Jersey. They released their EP “Trust in Fear” shortly after being signed in 2009. They have no release date yet for the upcoming album, but say to expect it around January 2011. read more about album....”

“Their heavies are WAY heavier, and their electro-pop melodies are well executed. Their new track, ‘The Lies We Live’, has something for all you ISS fanboys and girls out there, but is also pretty brutal, brutal enough for the rest of us. This combination is rarely done well, so props to TRT for getting it right. They are writing their first full length right now, and will be recording this September, and I look forward to hearing and reviewing it.”

"Trust In Fear" is an album that will not hold back; the definitive experimental/Screamo/Electro record of the year is here.

“Tying in electro-dance synth beats with a concoction of screamo and pop, This Romantic Tragedy have spent enough time in the lab creating a high octane mixture, making explosive tracks that sparkle and shine.”

“With their colliding musical styling and experimental vocals, This Romantic Tragedy doesn't seek to stand out of the crowd; they tower above it.”

“This Romantic Tragedy's Trust In fear EP is amazing thanks @tragicherorec :D”

“extremely impressed.They came out lights,water,and tons of energy, getting everyone interested in what they had to offer. This Post-Hardcore band says they love to add in tricky breakdowns when you least expect it, and you could definitely tell.”

“The opportunity was as big as the stage they stood on, and the dudes took advantage. Recently, This Romantic Tragedy signed with Tragic Hero Records, a national label with some name bands such as rockers He is Legend. ”

“Newly signed to Tragic Hero Records, Nevada natives This Romantic Tragedy are set to follow in the foot steps of A Skylit Drive and Alesana. Their sound is in the vain of Your Name In Vain, A Skylit Drive, and Alesana meeting Breathe Carolina, Attack Attack!, and Of Machines.”

“This Romantic Tragedy is returning to The Electric Theater on July 3. The popular Las Vegas band is revisiting with the Los Angeles-based Confide with whom they played here on their last visit. Confide and This Romantic Tragedy are promoting their new upcoming releases for Tragic Hero records.”

“Threadzfest has gained popularity over the last three years it has been presented by Ace and this year it will be bigger than ever. Back to perform by popular demand will be the band This Romantic Tragedy, who will be joined by BlessTheFall...”

“Many of the breakthrough bands featured on this tour will get boosted exposure for a larger fan base and potential recording industry contacts. Local bands selected to compete at the event include: “This Romantic Tragedy” (2:00)”

“Ready or not Can This Romantic Tragedy catapult to stardom in a bleak economy? The young band's definitely not waiting for a bailout ... read more.... ”

"Trust in Fear" It's like having a sock hop in a hospital emergency ward, such is the mix of beats, read more...

“They might be young, but the members of local rock band This Romantic Tragedy are old enough to take music very, very seriously. ”

"Like Drama Like Karma"CD "...but at least they're attempting to offer a whiff of fresh air in a scene suffocated in sameness."

“No Time For Homework When you are playing Extreme Thing!”