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“Painted Betty is at it again. The local band fronted by female vocalists Deb Madsen and Sonia Ryzy-Ryski is newly reconfigured, heavier on the amplification, and ready to rock out at a club near you.”

“Have you noticed the absence of French-speaking cowboy salsa bars around New York?... fortunately the brave eclecticism of the musical group Painted Betty is worthy of filling this niche with all of the Spanish funk-jazz groovin’ you could ask for. ”

“The bands ability to make me feel that much emotion with that much ease is powerfully shocking in it’s own right and one of the reasons it’s a band worth checking out.”

“Painted Betty rocked the large, enthusiastic crowd with their unique blend of Americana, acoustic Blues, Jazz, Tango, French Pop, and Country music.”

“Unique, ... eclectic, ... cool, very polished material. Are those whales I hear in the background?”

“They're hot, they're sexy ... Ya never know what kind of style they're going to sing next; ya just know you're gonna enjoy listening. ”

“Sophisticated and eccentric”

Joe Dizney - Philipstown dot info

“Wow! Wild, weird, and wonderful ... a bit of Tom Waits and Bonnie Raitt ... The songs are fun, powerful, unusual, catchy. I really love it!”

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