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Ana Kefr / Press

“Music should be fun but it should also be intelligent, provocative and challenging. This album delivers all of this and much more.”

“Every now and then a band comes along though who are so far ahead of the curb that when I listen to their music it destroys my meager understanding of what "good" music is. Ana Kefr is one of those bands.”

“Ana Kefr’s The Burial Tree (II) is sure to catapult them to the top of the metal throne, for being immeasurably successful in amalgamating, taking aim, and launching an aural assault on all that we hold dear.”

“The Burial Tree is a great release by Ana Kefr, who continues to spread their thought-provoking musical style across the globe.”

“'The Burial Tree' is their second album and, whatever its undoubted merits, it won't be the intro music to a Billy Graham rally anytime soon. Frankly, this is astonishing stuff and from the people who only last week opined, "There is nothing new under the sun" - we're here to tell you that this really is metal of a singular and unique stamp.”

“They blend several subgenres together and manage to create a delicious concoction of bludgeoning, yet beautiful and unique metal. In the next hour you will have a wide variety of sounds wash over you, everything from clarinet sections, mind numbing melodies, and subtle electronics. All instruments are used to their full ability and nothing is left in silence within The Burial Tree.”

“Most of the songs on The Burial Tree take you on a sonic journey. Various moods are often set by any and/or all of the members. The piano leads are quite effective in this department. Ana Kefr are musically fearless, and will (and do) use any means necessary to convey their musical vision. I found very little filler, if any, on this release. The clean parts of this record are masterfully written and executed, sometimes even reminding me of when Robert Fripp played on Brian Eno's Another Green World.”

“What Ana Kefr brings with their extremity is layers of sounds that are so intriguing, my captivation level had reached an all new high while listening to The Burial Tree (II)… and that was during my initial listen through. Ana Kefr has a keen ability to make their musical mood evolve into a potpourri of tonal originality, regardless if they are not pioneers of Metal experimentalism.”

“An album which offers so much content for the listener, and provides the content in a streamlined manner which doesn't give too much all at once. This album defines the 4 genres it presents. We want more.”

“Ana Kefr push the boundaries of metal and in doing so manage to create one hell of an epic and heavy album filled with twists and turns that will prove to challenge even the most seasoned listeners. The band creates an atmosphere that makes many emotions run through those who dare to listen. At times you may be wondering where Ana Kefr is going to take you next but only time will tell. The Burial Tree is nothing short of essential.”

“Ana Kefr’s second album, The Burial Tree, actually makes me feel smarter by listening to it. It is brutally savage whilst beautifully poetic. Ana Kefr has a daring and extreme message to the world that they stand by with pride.”

Ultimate Guitar

“Ana Kefr’s The Burial Tree is what the members of GWAR would listen too when they’re traveling on inter-planetary excursions. To put it another way, this is some heavy shit. Shockingly from Riverside, Calif., and not from some obscure Scandinavian pocket of metal, Ana Kefr blends the hardest elements of death metal and prog rock.”

“Ana Kefr are without a doubt one of the most unique voices on the US metal landscape that I've heard in years”

From the Dust Returned

“[The Burial Tree is] and unapologetically aggressive platter with a broad range of musical allies that makes for a poetically hostile and exceptionally powerful album. ”

Metal Rules

“It's not often that an album like The Burial Tree (II) comes along. This latest from US band Ana Kefr is so varied, so hard to categorize, but yet to utterly addicting, that it's going to be hard for critics and fans to ignore here in 2011.”

“Going past all of that, The Burial Tree, exudes the paradigm of a fine tapestry. To me, Burial Tree, is a kaleidoscope. Just when you think that its in the shape of something, it turns into something else. I like that.”

“Ana Kefr have released what will no doubt become a landmark LP in the metal community.”

“This is demanding stuff to listen to, but once you've cracked it, it's well worth the effort. I'm hooked, that's for sure!”

Power of Metal

“The Burial Tree is an impressive album that seems like it should be a complete mess but manages to stay cohesive and interesting for its entirety. The fact that the band has not only managed to use so many of these styles but ensured that they all fit together is part of what sets them apart from so many other acts. As I mentioned earlier, Ana Kefr really is worthy of the progressive metal tag and hopefully they will catch the attention of quite a few listeners as they deserve it.”

“This band is pushing the boundaries of heavy metal, and there is no doubt about it. I haven’t listened to something so new, innovative, and refreshing in many years.”

“Ana Kefr may well be too extreme for some and too soft for others, but thanks to their original sound and good performance they certainly deserve recognition. ”

Lords of Metal

“Best thing about The Burial Tree is the amount of variation; one never really knows what is to come next. In other words, this is a very unpredictable but a colorful release.”

Metal Revolution

“This album is very complex and sometimes tends to jump all over the place. However, at the same time it is highly varied and will appeal to fans of metal all across the board. One could almost consider them the PINK FLOYD’S of death metal! ANA KEFR is highly talented in their work and should be very proud of the masterpiece they've just unleashed here.”

“We stand open-mouthed at the display of the instrumentation. The musicians involved in this project demonstrate that they are true masters, unleashing a great final product. ”

True Metal.it

“Highly technical 'outside-the-box' metal and such a vivid mixture of Thrash, Death, Progressive and Black Metal. Melodic and brutal, piano/keyboards and grinding guitars, this my friend, will knock you down to the ground and leave you gasping for air.”

Rock United

“Congratulations, Ana Kefr, you are the first band on the label-sent list that I’ve reviewed to make me a fucking fan. Excellent album, excellent message. I am impressed. Todah, my friends. (That’s Hebrew for “thank you”).”

“The Burial Tree (II) is more than likely one of the most eclectically brilliant and probably divisive albums you’ll hear in 2011. Its the kind of genre shattering album that The End Records was releasing in the early and mid 90s and deserves your ear, at least to hear that creativity and originality is alive in metal today.”

“The album veers from crushing heaviness and intricate guitar work to more melodic sections almost constantly, dropping little musical non sequiturs along the way that take in such disparate genres as vaudeville, jazz, folk and classical.”

“I arrived breathless at the end of this album. A masterpiece of experimental metal. ”

Alone Music

“This is quite unique, and it's not unique for the sake being unique, which makes The Burial tree a captivating listen. ”


“As if "The Burial tree (II)" were a real tree, the trail is mixed with fruit. Despite all the progressiveness that rarely repeats a theme more than twice, the developmental sound of the songs almost always remains logical and consistent.”


“If you feel that nothing is progressive enough, and if you are simultaneously not afraid of a lot of metal brutality, you may find a clever joy with "The Burial Tree (II)" - and I suspect others will give Ana Kefr an equal warm welcome.”

Underground Empire

“ A boundary-smashing maelstrom of twisted death metal and prog experiments, Ana Kefr have conjured up a disorientating magical mystery tour of epic proportions. ”

Metal Hammer

“Everybody knows it's hard to be slightly original nowadays, but Ana Kefr shows that it is still possible. A recommendation for the experimental metal enthusiast that is willing to put some time and effort in 'The burial three (II) You won't be disappointed.”

“Perhaps the most pressing impression that Ana Kefr make on the senses initially is one of a chaotic maelstrom, particularly when the synth kicks in and goes all prime era Arcturus on your ass. I have been lucky enough to have had some more time than I am usually able to devote to albums “thanks” to another round of bastard testing at work, and I can say that this definitely benefits from repeat listens.”

“The Burial Tree (II) is a tempestuous and sordid experience that grabs you by the ears, twists, shouts in them and then drags you on a filthy journey the like of which no one else has before. There are moments of beauty and tranquillity amid the muck and violence, and the links between it all feel as natural as a sane verse-bridge-chorus structure. This is a proper gem of a record.”

“THE BURIAL TREE (II) is a hidden gem in an ocean of mediocre releases and clone bands that plague the metal scene this generation.”

“If you want the hear the future of underground extreme metal then look no further. An amazing release from start to finish!”


“'The Burial Tree (II)' is exceptionally put together both lyrically and musically. ”

“As 'Ghost Reveries' from Opeth in 2005, 'Core' of Persephone in 2006, to 'The Nameless Dead' of 'Primordial' in 2007 or 'Colors' by Between the Buried and Me in 2008, or 'Crack the Skye' by Mastodon in 2009 [...], 'The Burial Tree (II)' will do what the albums aforementioned did at the time of their release - they set a new course for heavy music.”

“ANA KEFR creates very diverse climate - from darkness, fury and psychotic emotions across majestic and powerful exultations until deep melancholy and mysticism. ANA KEFR presents high class Avant-garde Extreme Metal, and their music sometimes reminds ARCTURUS, BAL-SAGOTH, CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR.”

“The skills and the sounds achieve elevated levels of quality, whereas the artwork makes it so that there is no doubt that it will be itriguing.”

Rock Metal Bands

“An ambitious project for enthusiasts of fluctuating song structures. ”

“Dark and beautiful, twisted and intense, fluid and sparkling, their music is a fascinating journey to hell and back, and to heaven and back. Extreme Metal butcheries are shifted into quite and calm jazzy moments, tasty symphonic passages or dark, mysterious noises populate the space only for a few breath moments and only to nail you down again with some brutal riffs afterward. And very expressively, Ana Kefr managed to lead us through their contorted universe naturally and smoothly.”

“I think this second album [The Burial Tree] puts them as one of the great promises of America and the world of metal.”

“Apparently with commendable praise over their previous disc from two years ago, these boys are set to lecture their philosophy to an ever larger class.”

“This blows away most heavy bands today. There is so much emotion contained here [Volume 1]. Anger moves through it, anger at our society and what it does to us. Well-written, intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics, backed with powerful, original music.”

Aethyric Whispers (WNYU)

“On "Tonight We Watch the Children Fucking Burn" - If their debut album, Volume 1, told us anything, it was that a band could create an album so eclectic, so complex that it was nothing of the ordinary kind. Compared to "Volume 1," this song is an absolute beast. It's nearly six minutes of epic ferocity, pummeling you with lightning-fast speeds, and hitting you hard with thought-provoking lyrics.”


“This album should not be taken lightly. It is not for the faint of heart, the easily offended, or the politically correct. Ana Kefr is the hand of truth. Volume 1 is a slap in the face.”


“Whether the band is thrashing, slamming out a chugging breakdown, tapping the bongos or beautifully keying a symphonic piano section, the music weaves its way throughout the songs beautifully. The band always manages to pull the songs together in a graceful cohesion. [Volume 1]”

Metal Underground

“Ana Kefr's political death metal meets prog rock is brutal in the best way imaginable. ["Volume 1" named one of the best albums of 2009]”

Press Enterprise

“Ana Kefr churn out what is quite possibly one of the most captivating listening experiences of the year...[Volume 1]...an uncompromising and ultimately unique sound...”

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles

“This is a very well thought-out and cleverly constructed album [Volume 1]. If you want some brutal head-banging metal music, then this album will be sure to satisfy your needs.”


“[Ak] creates innovative and exciting progressive sounds that should get the heavy heart racing. Ana Kefr need to be recognized for the intelligent, loud and provocative music they make...”

Sphere Magazine

“Wow. Holy hell... Intricate, explosive, political, ferocious, spine chilling and everything a well tuned metal album should sound like...[Volume 1]”

Devolution Magazine

“From Shakespearian to carnage in one stroke...there is too much fluffery in the world and Ana Kefr is the antidote to that. Adventurous...confrontational...thought-provoking...”


“Ana Kefr have pitched their tent in the no-man’s-land of modern ideological discourse, [...] lobbing mortars into the trenches of both religious extremists & complacent moral majorities impartially. [AK] have the rare ability to do the thing you least expect them to, and that’s quite refreshing.”

The Dreaded Press

“Volume 1 has some stirring metal; Ana Kefr's debut is indeed an intense experience, comprised of many varied arrangements, which has its share of shining moments. ”

Sea of Tranquility

“Musically the album has something for everyone...There are some gems on this fourteen track album, the co-hab bonus track 'Step Back' with Tarrie B and Mick Murphy is a cracker, along with Ana Kefr's 'Takeover', 'Defiant We Stand' and 'The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body'.”

Rock3 Music Reviews

“For a band to release an album just a year after its creation is an achievement in itself, but to have a debut that delivers quality like this [Volume 1] is simply outstanding. If you're a fan of metal, in whatever form it takes, I insist you listen to this. Definitely a band to keep an eye on in the future.”

Marc Jaytin - Donnarc Magazine

“A wild and wilfully abstruse blend of scattershot death metal riffing, prog rock complexity and a disdain for toeing the line, the Californians' sound exists so far outside the box that it's both intensely refreshing and slightly terrifying. [Volume 1]”

"Brutal, terrifying and totally original, Ana Kefr are twisting metal with their bare hands...and it sounds fucking amazing!"

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles