Autopilot Club / Press

“BIKER rock. 1st of all This has balls..Real rock n rolls balls 2nd of all it's hard rockin bad ass biker rock! 3rd it's no pussyin around guitar driven power 4th this is what the radio is missing..rockers with a sprit and intensity that is missing in todays watered down pansy musical wasteland bullshit!!! 5th five star band....ass kickin and real!! ”

inkaduelbee from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - GB

“Really Superb! I love this song man! Whoa, the cool melody is really catchy and the great vocals drive the song to a good place. I can't wait to see this song played on the radio. ”

justplainsash from Malaysia - GB

“Singer kicks ass...sounds like Chris Cornell to me”

LAMETALHEAD from Los Angeles, California - GB

“The vocals are enourmous, fat as hell. The sound is creepy, a dark nail in your heart, a black landscape that can split your heart.”

Raymond1972 from Tenerife, Spain - GB

“the vocalist is definitely one of the better ones i've heard while reviewing on here...”

guitar1an from Bryan, Texas - GB

“Sex drugs and old school. Break out the spandex and debauchery!”

Rustflood from San Antonio, Texas - GB

“Very early Aerosmith, mid ACDC or early Black Crows? Very classic sound”

ConcreteJungle from Yakima, Washington - GB

“First of all : sound and production are awesome! Really cool track. Love the vocals. Strong, but not too heavy. Nicely dosed. Slide guitar sounds awesome too. I love it. A bit bluesy, good groove, and somewhat heavy rock kinda vocals. Nice mixture! Good job”

cloon from Ghent, Belgium - GB

“The singer has a nice raspy voice that fits the music like a glove. The guitars have a cool southern feel; a very cool touch”

Goddessmusic from Copenhagen, Denmark - GB

“sounds bad ass.... Its got a get outa my way feel to it.. Sounds like a M1 Bradly tank rolling down a street. Good job guys! Rock n rOll!!! ”

jordanbarnett from Monroe, Michigan - GB

“made my ear orgasm”

homegrown2005 - GB

“Awesome Guitar Player. interesting southern rock feel. The vocals are pretty original sounding and fit well over the guitars. Awesome guitar work really stands out. ”

crazycord123 from Rochester, Minnesota - GB

“Innovation not Evolution. Well while the majority of bands out there tend to try to advance their musical style to "try to invent some new territory", this band tends to take a step backwards. I see this as a good thing considering you have the melody and beat of an 80's rock song but the vocals of an 90's alternative rock song which seem to work well together. ”

Givenstone from Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada - GB

“Classic sound! I like the classic sound of the guitars. I like the singer. Great voice”

gd_drrll from Kevil, Kentucky - GB

“Now thats more like it! hell yea! Rock with more rock, with a Stokes meets GnR sound. Heavy Blues rock groove. the guitar player isnt afraid to rip it up, drummer is rocking away Sorum style. Killer recorded sound, These guys I want to see live!! Good tune, great band!! ”

drevildevil from Fort Jones, California - GB

“Classic riffing. Classic rock riffing, love it. Loud guitars!! I love loud guitars”

AbreactBgoAu from Bendigo, Aust., Victoria, Australia - GB

“Dirty. The bass in the beginning reminds me of Black Sabbath. Which is a good thing. Very dirty. And then the band comes in, and scared the crap outta me. Awesome. This may be one of the darkest riffs I've ever heard.Very bluesy and well... dark ”

greatbigmouse from Austin, Texas - GB

“Up the horns!!”

massmurder from Sweden - GB

“big, dirty almost 70's guitar sound matches the distorted vocals, giving it a syle of the heavy bands of the old days, such as Black Sabbath...etc yet harnessing a unique style all their own. Raw. Alive. Big. personality. Noisy...etc are just a few words that describe this”

Psick from Ridge, New York - GB

“Vocals - from the depths of hell!!”

JAJDude from Sydney, Australia - GB

“This could be the soundtrack to the end of the world. Awesome.”

greatbigmouse from Austin, Texas - GB

“Sludgy, Bluesy. This is Chris Cornell all the way. I love the attitude! Such strength.”

aaronehall from Birmingham, Alabama - GB

“the right energy, nasty bent guitar hook, and grunt/screamed vox to be the soundtrack to any event involving too much beer and girls that are only kinda cute, but are suitably underdressed”

oskarmatzerath from Jackson Heights, New York - GB

“Kind of like Black Sabbath meets old Foo Fighters; raw, dirty and not a care in the world. I like it.”

Psick from Ridge, New York - GB

“Yaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Rip my head off at he intro, difinetly different stuff, make me mad and desperate to slam something ”

RICARDOCAEI from Canada - GB

“I just got kicked in the FACE! Now that is what I am talking about!! A very powerful combination of a good hard riff with strong vocals”

RiotKings from Stratford, Connecticut - GB

“It's like listening to Clutch jam with NIN”

crazyrob75 from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - GB

“I'm picturing a totally punked-out, running black eyeliner, half-spazzin' hot chick standing onstage rippin' it out. And hell yeah to that! PLUS a perfect length?!? Ladies and gentlemen, one of the best tunes I've heard on Garageband; big, kickin' rock 'n' roll. Gracias for it! (Make My Day)”

bstone1435 from Oak Park, Illinois - GB

“Really got me going! Wow this was great! Lovely desperate vocals and wonderful energy makes the mood terrific! The hook really grabs me instantly ”

IsTurnedAm from Sweden - GB

“LOVE IT!!! Wow....I love the POWER”

Tous from Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin - GB

“Rock my brains out”

sixstringkeith from Frisco, Texas - GB

“Dave Grohl? The singer reminds me of Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, which is a huge compliment! ”

TCL_Scott from Huntington, West Virginia - GB

“help me baby , this stuff is tigt. And loud. Good for a bar fight.”

TONYMAN1 from Rockville, Maryland - GB

“nice old school grit. reminds me of Motorhead. Powerful vox. The more I listen to it; I do get the image of Lemmy and co”

maestro1023 from Tecumseh, Michigan - GB

“Kick ass rock This is just right up my alley. Like Motorhead meets THunderhead. Killer Stuff. Where are you from? I'll be there! ”

peterpotens from Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany - GB

“made me want to jump around! This doesn't sound like anything else I”

CustomSeattle from Seattle, Washington - GB

“I have to say it.... FUCK YEAH!”

info5792 from Ile Bizard, Quebec - GB

“I bet this would really get the crowd going at a concert.”

jamesleroy from Your Hometown, Canada - GB

“Soundgarden meets the Black Crowes”

thewilliamsbros from Grand Junction, - GB

“rock has lost its blues influences, the soundgarden pearl jam, black crows, sounds coming out of this song are awesome. I wish I could turn on the radio and hear something like this instead of Mylie Montana. This world is falling apart almost as much as when Dylan talks about growing up in an era where "How much is that doggie in the window" was the number 1 song in the nation. It makes me sick. and we owe it all to the record companies, for not doing their job, and trying to make too much money, and that just ruins everything...”

thatguyfromelo from San Antonio, Texas - GB

“Anyone who writes a song this long and can hold the listener is alright in my books.”

Rogre from Brampton, Ontario, Canada - GB

“Wow, this wakes you up scrambling for the coffee! hand me a beer I can't take this without a chaser!”

philviss from Spokane, Washington - GB

“70 s Rock and nice guitars. Good voice. It rocks and you can notice it is not a studio homerecording its a real band playing here.”

urs from Barcelona, Spain - GB

“My wife didn't like it. You actually just woke up my wife and she stormed down from upstairs and told me to "turn that crap off. It sucks to wake up to that music."”

abagchee from Watsonville, California - GB

“authentic Rock feel.”

David_Gerald from Detroit, Michigan - GB

“The raw vocal is great. Reminds me a little of the Trex singers voice from the 70's, or Tex Perkins from the Cruel Sea ”

Thorndaniel from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - GB

“black crowes feat. joe perry. absolutely love the bluesy sound. you guys also remind me humble pie in a way.”

rogueswagger from Topton, Pennsylvania - GB

“feels like I just walked into a bar room filled with smoke and people fighting”

AcrossTheLabel from Corbin, Kentucky - GB

“Nice grungy vocals. Thats how rock should be!!!!”

7thLevel from Rockerville, South Dakota - GB

“i dig it. this is a bottle of booze and a doobie worthy ”

inkaduelbee from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - GB

“Awesome vocals, versatile voice, strong, unique presence. The guitars are cranked, and kicking teeth in. Straight-forward, no-frills rock!”

Bled__for_Glory from Clifton, New Jersey - GB

“Motor Lizzy This has a Motorhead meets Thin Lizzy feel with Di'anno singing..lol. I like it. Vocals are damn good ! Would like to hear more from you guys ! Great job ! ”

Inquisicao from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - GB

“Great music for the bar scene! Hard driving rock-n-roll!”

Vertigoman from Bryan, Texas - GB

“This is a good Drinking music. Nothing fancy, just plain Rock & Roll.”

RedEye2Hell from Iisalmi, Finland - GB

“like a crossover mix of sex pistols and motorhead, It really gets you pumped up listening to it,Itwould great to hear this in a bar, I'm sure it has to jam to start a ball room brawl! Rock On! ”

ChronicHilbilly from Golden, British Columbia, Canada - GB

“Great singer, great guitar work, great power section, would love to see you guys play live!!”

peterpotens from Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany - GB

“could ski some serious powder to this”

PeteSchell from Scarsdale, New York - GB

“Dirty Shit! Nice and dirty - I like it. Sounds a bit like a drunk, beaten up and badass Billy Idol! Keep it up guys, I bet you rock live! ”

QUIETsounds_ from Næstved, Denmark - GB

“Singer has that perfect gritty vocal. I can picture this band's concert being really loud. Crank it loud and down a beer”

gioentertainment from Salem, New Hampshire - GB

“Has some real guts to it, full on punk noise a-la Iggy and the Stooges meets the Sex Pistols. voice is gritty and dirty”

kkurta01 from New Zealand - GB

“Raunchy, Energized Rock n' Roll”

olsonson from Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania - GB