KRiTiCOS / Press

“KRITICOS-Dead Angels (independent) First, let me take this opportunity to introduce these Canadian criticasters to you. KRITICOS consists of Cyn Mecredi on vocals, Guy Kurtz on guitar, Jon Kurtz on drums and Rick White on bass. The band hails from Edmonton, Canada and their album “Dead Angels” contains eight tracks with a running time of thirty-five minutes. After these interesting statistics, it’s time to let off some steam in a bone hard way. KRITICOS steps on the gas and takes off in the fourth gear with “Frivolous”. Death metal with very loud PANTERA-like riffs. They also have a female vocalist, which you don’t hear that often. Therefore we already put both thumbs up for Cyn, who growls and sings like a cross between Angela Gossow (ARCH ENEMY) and Phil Anselmo (PANTERA, DOWN). “Hymns Of The Hunted” does not only contain a lot of brutality and loud screams, but especially at the end of this particular song, this band is committed to make something special out of the”

“MISTRESS MORWYN: This month, we’re featuring two metal bands with uniquely different frontwomen. First up is Edmonton, Alta.’s Kriticos http://www.myspace.com/kriticosband, featuring Cyn Mercredi’s gutteral growls and earth-shaking screams at centre stage. The four-piece act officially released Dead Angels [Independent, 2010] this summer and have been working hard to spread the word to both the exisiting legions and potentials who only need lend an ear. Recorded at Blood Thicker Music in their hometown of Edmonton, Alta., Dead Angels asserts eight tracks of unstoppable energy and auditory force from the very first listen. At once catchy and aggressive, Kriticos delivers a high quality collection of death thrash riffs, and a solid first effort that rivals most veterans of the studio.”

“A nice mix of thrashy death, experimental doom-core, traditional British heavy metal, melodic power metal, metalcore, sludgey stoner metal and melodic blackened death metal provided quite the buffet for any metal connoisseur, a little bit of something for everyone, including a unique heavy metal twist on an old classic: pole dancing. Edmonton’s Kriticos was up first, tasked with the job of riling up the crowd for a night of metal mayhem. This hard hitting thrash-infused death metal was just what everyone needed to clear the dust from their heads, as heavy bass and drums shook their teeth. They put a lot into their set, and vocalist Cyn Mecredi belted out growls, thrashed her head, railed her way back and forth across the stage, vocally punching the audience in the fee-ace with her hauntingly aggressive singing style and stage presence, performing songs from the band’s newly released (and reviewed in this months’ Soundcheck) Dead Angels [Independent, 2010].”