Tim Brickley and the Bleeding Hearts / Press

"From rambling diary entries to landscapes and portraiture, Brickley and co-writer David Rheins' songs are little glimpses of life - happy, sad and sadder - with backbeat and backbone."

"Backstage With Indy's Music Scene" - Nuvo Newsweekly

"'Be apart' is the culmination of musical talent that is Tim Brickley, local pillar in the music scaffolding contructing this thing we call a scene. The well-crafted CD was recorded at his studio, Hit City...."

"Backstage With Indy's Music Scene" - Nuvo Newsweekly

“In contrast to unrequited pop tune love, he offers grown-up songs, thoughtful reflections on relationships gone bad, on onliness and longing. He's worth listening to more than once, so get out your maps and plan out a week's worth of Brickley, Indianapolis' empathic master of misguided hearts."”

Grace Blanchard - Different Beat

“Tim Brickley gets around. In fact, he should sell maps to his gigs like those maps to movie stars homes. With itinerary. Tim plays a variety of material on his Indy tour, but my pick would be his original songs (mostly written with collaborator David Rheins.)”

Grace Blanchard - Different Beat

"Cleverly crafted lyrics about life and love meld with a strong sense of musicality. This fun, summer must-have takes you back to the great rock and roll artists of the '60's and '70's. Four stars!

Kristen Riccardo - Nuvo.net

"It's tough to appluad while carrying a rack of persian lamb chops, so I'll applaud now for Tim Brickley..."

Lou Harry - Indianapolis Business Journal

"'Everything that ever was', local artist Tim Brickley's 2005 album, is brilliant proof that the Indianapolis music scene is vibrant and thriving..."

Kristen Riccardo - Nuvo.net

"And the last number, the melancholy, Red Key Tavern-set “That Time of the Year” (words and music by Tim Brickley and David Rheins) was just right, pointing to a sophistication that, balanced with the silliness, leads me to be hopeful for the future."

"What follows is both cosmic and grounded, alternately poignant ("We Were High") and quite funny ("Without You I'm Just Screwed"). In terms of 'heartland rock' no Hoosier made it better than this...

David Lindquist - Indianapolis Star

"Brickley is a master of the art of subtle perfection. His new album is also a key piece of evidence to bolster that assertion..."

Steve Hammer - Nuvo Newsweekly

“Though the lyrics verge on the mystical, the singer's conviction somehow makes you believe. But the lyrics are only part of what makes this album a delight.”

Jeff Reed - Nuvo Newsweekly. "Music: Brickley's Back"

"Reckless With Love" explodes as a modern descendant of Springsteen's "Rosalita" and Petty's "American Girl."

David Lindquist - IndyStar.com