"Equal parts seedy rock 'n' roll joint jukebox fare, '50s juvenile delinquent b-movie soundtrack, gutter-dirty trash 'n' roll ripper, and Titty Twister-approved border breakout, 'The Good, The Mad and The Beautiful' finds Gypsy Lee Pistolero in possession of his most accomplished, musically, piece of work yet. Wrapping the thing in badass black 'n' white Vince Ray artwork simply seals the deal. Gypsy Lee Pistolero has successfully reinvented himself with this record. This shit is as timeless and cool as the classic biker jacket that Lee adorns on the back cover: " GAZ E - UBER ROCK

“I put this in my top 25 albums of last year and played it repeatedly . I was immediately drawn by the cross of glam, punk and flamenco sounds blended together.The Pistoleros are sounding far more proficient than ever They are still the most interesting glam act going today hands down.”

“as crystal and as ballsy as the local chapter of the Hells Angels, if The Angels were playing at a Mexican wedding fantastic stuff with gritty Mexican dust and magic oozing from every pore. a band that are legitimately doing something completely original and exciting. ”

“If Quentin Tarantino is ever gonna make a sequel of the movie ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ he should contact the Gypsy Pistoleros for sure and ask them to write the music for it. What? Never heard of Gypsy Pistoleros? Then you had better hide”

Arco - Lords of Metal

“Sleaze/Glam metal was born in Hollywood clubs like Troubadour and Gazzaris, but Gypsy Pistoleros can take it to a Mexican cantina and make it work. Unique is the keyword! We want more! Turn it up, Amigo! Written by Michael- Revealationz”

“The Gypsy Pistoleros have been the talk of the town in Hard Rock circles for a few months now and all the accolades are well deserved.”

“Reissued with two extra tracks, the Pistoleros' debut is sheer musical escapism”

Henry Yates - Classic Rock Magazine

“Para Siempere is a thrill-a-minute collection of melodic eye-patch swagger that smells of exotic spices and forbidden concubines.”

“Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy...and find out why the Gypsy Pistoleros are the single most inventive band of the last decade.”

“I’m not sure how it came about but Gypsy Pistoleros have come up with an interesting, individual sound and there just isn’t anything else like it at the moment. ‘Para Siempre’ is as exotic as rock n roll can get.”

“If you missed this the first time around, or were too slow to catch the ship before it sailed into out of print land, this is your chance to get your hands on what could be the best album of 2007. Yes it really was that good, and with the extra tracks, it got even better.”