Left on Red / Press

“[Left on Red is]..on the path of right.”

Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave)

“Whether they are playing old timey music, or modern pro-women anthems, they back up their politics with beautiful harmonies and expert interwoven violin and guitar. Try and see them before they are too big to play Penn Station.”

““We were psyched to play our CMJ show at The Bitter End, where our heroes once came to tread. You know who I mean, artist like Stephan Grappeli, Bob Dylan and umm...Lady Gaga” – Liah Alonso of Left on Red”

“The set started out pleasantly catchy and got really really good, really really fast. Alonso alternated between acoustic guitar, tenor guitar and Strat; Halloran started out on violin, playing some acerbic, spot-on blues licks before switching to Strat and then acoustic, taking a couple of lead vocals herself at the end of the show. The reaction to the early material was a vivid reminder how much of an audience there is for accessible pop music that’s not stupid.”

“With Liah on guitar and vocals and Kelly adding violin, vocals, and drums, the two started with the somewhat crazy idea of exclusively making their living busking in New York City subways. To their credit, they’re pulling it off, as you can see in the video below. With three years of playing their fun, socially relevant songs together, Left on Red have built quite a following, and have now added club dates and festivals to their schedule.”

"..America, pay attention to these women! They are smart,serious (but goofy), beautiful and far more intelligent than almost anyone out there. If this is what the revolution is going to be like, sign me up now!”

“Merging music with Fair Trade chocolate originated with New York-based Left on Red, headliners on a bill that includes Michael Meldrum and Mary Ramsey..Equal Exchange is one of the concert’s sponsors, along with Righteous Babe Records, Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts..”

"Why these hippy-veggie-old-time-y blissful angels of harmony are not the most popular band in the world, I have no idea...

“If these girls play this in the subway, I have no idea how anyone could possibly focus on what they have to do that day.”

“Several great bands played during the event, but one in particular stood out for me, “Left On Red”, the group which consists of 2 women who are activists and volunteers. They contribute their music to social causes around the city, they are truly inspiring with a clear and strong voice.”

"The band features cute and humble girls with incredibly unique music, that say with friendly smiles that they make their money playing in subway stations. Each song transports you to unfamiliar territory where the music is good and the drinks crisp".

“Street Players: Kelly Halloran, left, and Liah Alonso of Manhattan, who usually play their music on the streets of New York, entertain along Elmwood Avenue during the Festival of the Arts on Saturday.”

“The musical duo Left On Red, composed of Kelly Halloran on violin and Liah Alonso, lead singer on guitar, have been playing their original compositions and covers of classic rock and pop songs for almost a year...they give some of the money to socially conscious causes...”