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“Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty's latest project, Flood The Engine, is classic-style, melodic hard rock at its finest.”

“People who check out Bill Leverty's new album of covers, Drive, will find that it’s something of a time machine. It transports listeners to the carefree 1970s, when riding in the backseat of your parent’s car and listening to rock radio was the norm. It didn't even matter where you were going. All that mattered was the music. The FireHouse guitarist has released several solo albums during his career, but this effort pays tribute to the most sacred music of all — songs that inspired him as a youth. In addition to a blistering guitar attack on tracks like CCR's "Fortunate Son," Drive contains tasteful renditions of Steely Dan’s "Rikki Don't Lose That Number” and the Guess Who's "No Time." Leverty also puts his own spin on such classics as "Free Ride" (Edgar Winter Group), “I Shot the Sheriff” (Bob Marley, Eric Clapton) and "Spanish Moon" (Little Feat). Handling the brunt of the vocal work himself, Leverty keeps the essence of the original songs intact yet adds something”

"Leverty proves he is much more than a ‘90’s guitar virtuoso from the Hair Band Era of hard rock... This one is a winner. Go to www.LEVERTY.com and buy this today."

“Leverty is also an accomplished solo artist, music engineer and producer. In a recent email interview, he credits hard work as his main creative/musical inspiration. “It’s 90% perspiration, 10% inspiration. The 10%, for me, is personal experience. I often embellish the personal experience, but most of what I create comes from me getting in the studio and just getting my hands dirty. I’m working all the time.””

"Bill’s singing voice is great."

“(DEEP SOUTH) is a contemporary album steeped in musical history, with Leverty's guitar working overtime and his warm, slightly twangy baritone fitting this material like an oxen yoke. Kudos to Leverty, (who has) embraced his roots... and made an album that deserves to be appreciated by open-minded rock fans who see nothing wrong with artists stepping beyond prescribed borders.”

“DEEP SOUTH...a fascinating CD! Leverty has outdone himself.”

“DEEP SOUTH is thoroughly authentic and dare I say a very brave release.”

“Deep South is an eclectic gem...once you hear the music you will not believe that one person could be this musically versatile.... Deep South is the result of an enormous undertaking by one of the most underrated rock musicians of his day...”

“DEEP SOUTH is not only an amazing album, it is a bold musical statement in a time where it is not fashionable(or profitable) to make such statements.”

“It's effortless and infectious... If you are interested in old songs done well then I would check this out. Leverty has got nothing to prove, but lets his guitar and voice show us all that he really does appreciate the Southern music heritage.”

“This record proves that Bill is a great guitarist who also writes great songs.”

“AMAZING album!”

“In this album, he plays very melodically just like he does in FireHouse, giving us beautiful music by showing wonderful guitar technique and talent. You feel his smooth guitar playing through the album, as well as some amazing phrases..”

Mr. Tsuchiya - Burrn Magazine


“Overall Rating: 4/4 If you're a fan of instrumental rock I don't think you will find a better release this year.”

“(A) This is guitarist Bill Leverty's instrumental solo debut, and all I can say after being a fan of his main gig FireHouse since 1990 is, "It's about time!" It's very much a guitar record in possession of a nice, smooth, fluid style - basically true songs that just don't happen to have any vocals.”