Blind With Rain / Press

“Talented musician and fearless vocalist, Aaron Geis continues to prove that Blind With Rain is a name we should be on the lookout for.”

“...the music here is nothing short of excellent, with clever beat programming, great use of reversed vocal samples, and there's a level of melody-crafting I hadn't heard in ages.”

Industrial Nation magazine

“Really really good work...I haven't heard alot of music that has kept me going to song after song, you're like the Trent Reznor of this day.”

“Sometimes it’s clear that an artist is simply experimenting in another genre and has little to no grasp of it, but that is not evident in the slightest here. Blind With Rain seems to have quite the mastery of all relevant genres.”

“It is very possible that Blind With Rain's Aaron Geis was born with his fingers firmly attached to a keyboard. His baby steps may have come only after he had mastered the intricacies of digital programming.”

“Your music, it's one Hell of a wild ride. Its life with a soundscape of an acid trip, while big damn gears are turning and some nameless angel of end times hangs her head and crys. This sound could just be what rock needs to stay alive....”

Spedaniel M. (fan) - www.myspace.com

“At first I thought whatever - another misplaced emotional music black hole - I was wrong and wonderfully surprised.”

Chrystiana (fan) from Hawaii - www.myspace.com

“It's great to discover talented artists/projects like yours...not just people who make stuff to nod one's head to. I love the insight and the cutting-edge sounds.”

Fan on MySpace - www.myspace.com

“Your tracks are amazing. It's really refreshing in this day and age to find a musician who isn't too scared to incorporate classical elements into modern rock music. I've never accepted a random band's friend request, but your method is really extraordinary.”

Fan on MySpace - www.myspace.com

“The complexities of your musical style are expressed in a creative manner...I can tell you have a lot of passion in your music and none of it is drenched in the artificial suddenness that seems to plague most modern composers these days.”

PhOeNix 3000 (fan) - www.myspace.com