1833 AD / Press

“This is a really good band! I like it and some of the chords there are godly!!! Awesome stuff!!!!!”

George Kollias - Drummer - Nile

“Digging your sound a lot, especially "Empty Shrine." That ghostly yowl at the end of the breakdown is a fantastic touch. Drums are kicking ass, guitar playing is uber-solid, and the bass is on target.”

Jeremy Rosen, Director, Digital Platforms & Web Sites for Roadrunner Records - Signmetoroadrunner.com

“1833 AD are one of the bands who will bring their fucking name around the World for sure. Awesome music and vocals.”

Guh Lu - Guitarist - Impiety

“Touching the essence of black metal and stamping a signature with their name on it, this is band that is unmistakably and quite remarkably in a sphere of their own. Now starter is over; bring on the main course!”

“1833 AD is leading the charge. They hail from the capital city of New Delhi, and are one of the few bands in India actively putting an Indian perspective into a western genre of music.”

“The music of 1833 AD, one of the country’s pioneering black metal bands, can be described as a combination of shrieking vocals, furious tremolo picking guitars and percussive explosions from the drums.”

“The band doesn't exactly have a black metal facade, with corpse paint and long spiked wrist bands, but they do come up with mind boggling music which would please any black metal fan.”

“Nishant Abraham is a very good Black metal vocalist and even though he admits to not being much of a talker, his vocals kill you with in an eerie manner. His vocals are very Abbath-like and Shashank Sagar on drums is an Indian Hellhammer”

“These guys know the business. Simple. They know what black metal is all about. In my opinion they are one the few bands who know how to perform live”

“As for the performance the band kicked so much ass that re-making Brokeback Mountain doesn’t seem like a good idea. They owned the place and had the crowd on their toes”

“It takes just 4 Indians to create black metal.”

“With things heating up in the growing metal scene in our country, 1833 AD is most definitely the band look out for in the coming year.” My Dark Symphony” comes out mid 2010”

“With a sound that is inherently brutal, 1833 AD are here to pummel your senses and leave you wanting for more. With a name inspired from a time in world history which was plagued with disasters and sickness, one can be sure that this Black Metal band means business”

Andrew Lu - Rock Street Journal