Notlob Music / Press

"Those living in the Boston area would be well advised to keep an eye on the Notlob concert series..."

"From a musician's perspective, I really appreciate the effort Jeff puts into his shows. Nobody on the Boston folk scene works harder to pull a concert together." Alastair Moock

Jonathan Perry - The Boston Globe

"In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, Notlob is keeping the folk tradition alive."

“What a fun show! I hope the Dave Carter tradition continues with more excellent concerts like this one.”

“This was a perfect room to see Hungrytown -- the "old-timey-ness" of the music fit the antique surroundings to a "t," and the intimacy of the venue was just right for Rebecca & Ken's songs. Having Molly Pinto-Madigan of Jaded Mandolin open for Hungrytown was an inspired bit of programming as well.”

“As an avid music fan I highly recommend the Notlob Acoustic Music Series.”

Beth Freidinger, photographer - MySpace

“The show took place under the auspices of the Notlob Acoustic Music Series at the Loring-Greenough House in Jamaica Plain. I've scarcely ever had so much fun in an acoustic setting like this one.”

Bruce Palmatier - MySpace

“With its low kitchen counters, narrow hallways, and squeaky wooden floors, the Loring-Greenough is far from your typical concert venue....Even before the show begins, you realize how intimate the space is: front row means you can reach out and kick the performer without even standing.”