“How the mighty have fallen, and risen to unprecedented heights… In its massive seventy minutes, ‘Skandinavisk Misantropi’ compels and commands, no demands, respect.”

“classic sounding doom riffs, chilling feedback and unorthodox guitar sounds combined with black metal’s malevolent grain”

“‘Skandinavisk Misantropi’ is more than worthy and lives up, or exceeds, anything Maniac and Kvarforth have done before”

“Maniac showcases his newfound vitriol and filth-drenched visions of the already imminent demise of reality”

“the sheer spite in his vocals demonstrates that the vocalist has found a much more appropriate platform for his explosive array of emotions in the blackened doom of Skitliv”

“the reflex of a disturbed creative mind”

“The title track sounds like a proper beginning; trembling strings, experimental noise, background static and bone chilling vocals while “Slow Pain Coming” serves more honour to Maniac’s assertion that Skitliv is a ‘black noise doom metal’ band.”

“There is a sense of rebellion against the control of his ex-band, and a statement, claiming his possibility to work its own divergences and develop some of the musical ideas kept imprisoned for some time”

“Musically the two studio tracks compile agonizingly distorted vocals, clashing and climbing, repetitive and trance inducing keyboards, and a sinister guitar work, subtle and soft, slightly destroyed”

“The music is slow and pairs up downtempo music to black metal vocals with appropriate horrific noise experimentations. The vocals are still deranged and demented”

“Kakkoskappale Slow Pain Coming (Cold Spring Mix) taasen onkin jo levyn parasta materiaalia, kirskuvan ja massiivisen äänivallin, hitaasti takovien rumpujen ja Maniacin korinan sulautuessa onnistuneeksi keitokseksi”

“Maniac-depressive ambiences and industrialized metal remains evolve into more noisy and overtly distrupted experiments within a trail of doom metal and self-medicated collapse”

“The live tracks sound somehow as a more stripped down version of some of the previous energy and pain, solidifying cries along forgotten pains, all madman´s prophecies and multiplied followers spitting at stone idols and spreading despair and chaos”