Michael Williams Band / Press

“Fire Red is, arguably, just the sort of album Jimi might’ve produced today, were the guitar guru still among us”

"Fire Red is brilliant. It’s funky, soulful, and genuinely brings back the spirit of classic hard rock. Williams and the band’s excellence comes from their ability to create catchy melody hooks and great scorching guitar riffs, and solos that makes Williams the hottest new blues guitarist."

"You're not just listening to a recording; you're hearing a performance...Don't miss out on this exceptional recording. Kick up the dust and enjoy raw boogie-rock - Texas style."

“Imagine if Jimi Hendrix came out of Texas. That’s what you’ve got in Mike Williams, lead singer, guitarist, powerhouse. The kind of performer who makes you scream. He’s just outrageous…. Williams is the real deal: raw rock power, great voice, powerful stage presence…anything you hear on the record is ten times wilder, heavier and more intense onstage.”

“… there is nobody out there doing what Michael is doing.”