Ashley Wool / Press

"The musical theater major combines her classical training with plenty of pop sensibilties, creating a sound like no other in music and drawing fans from almost any genre...Another potential gem from the depths of Myspace Music."

Alan Ho - Musiqtone.com

"Not Otherwise Specified is a refreshing departure from the run of the mill music of mainstream singers; yes, even the Idol cast-offs."

L. Anne Carrington - Indie Music Stop

"Ashley Wool comes across as being very assertive and forthright, which is a great thing when releasing independent music...I suggest you have a listen to her vocal capabilities and witty, mature storytelling."

"Not Otherwise Specified showcases a powerful voice amid songs of various structures and moods--flavours of pop, rock and jazz are evident."

Carmine Pascuzzi - Mediasearch.com

"Ashley Wool has a voice like a diva, the soul of a punk rocker...But no, you can't just put her in a box like that...there is that voice, theater trained and yet hell-bent to rock out and have fun, like a more rocking Kelly Clarkson. Not that Ashley is interested in winning American Idol."

Rock Band - BLAMF!