Netty Mac / Press

“Wow...Just Wow! Saw you play tonight at Big Al's and I have to say... ♪♫ You Rock My World♪♫ Amazing.....Keep it coming....I will be out to catch another one of you shows....TRUE STORY!”

New Fan July 2013 - Live Performance Fan

“Listening to Netty's CD from top to bottom, you feel her honesty, purity and passion. She knows who she is, she certainly delivers on this album and she wrote 'em all! Above all, I love how you hear her heartfelt fan appreciation which is evident on on her title track, 'You Rock My World'”

“Super songs and an abundance of pure talent here! What a splendid selection of songs, you can't listen to just one. Kudos !!!!”

Stu "Bear"

“Netty Mac's bad a** country rock is hard and lots of fun. Just in time for the Super Bowl "Punt With No Regrets" is a honkey tonk anthem with great backing vocals and super tight instrumental prowess. And just as quickly, a ballad is heard in "Please Help Me" showing the artist's range from bar-band tough act to soft, tender emo excellence.”

A&R Select

“Powerfully wonderful vocals! Netty has that radio ready rasp and probably can sing the phone-book! Would love to see her live!! ”

Larry Migliore - Diamond member of The Songwriters Guild Of America, NSAI and BMI

“Great Tracks! Strong Country vocals! Melissa Etheridge meet Wynona Judd!”

Jesse Boartfield - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

““Netty Mac... She and her style are refreshing to hear in a world full of the Same Ole Same Ole. She and her band will Rock Your socks off!””

Aaron MacPhail - The Off Road Show

“The BEST band EVER!”


"I like your edgier take on the classic tunes."

“If the key to longevity is having your own sound, she certainly has that. Her deep, raspy tone and passion give her songs an attitude that moves her audience and molds her trademark style. It’s the heart of the Netty Mac Band, Mac herself, who writes those great lyrics and tells stories of the happy and the not-so-pleasant realities of life.”

“We had the pleasure of having Netty Mac play for our company Stampede BBQ as well as a private Stampede Bash at our acreage. We couldn't be happier - the band created the perfect atmosphere for the party we were hosting and even got the crowd dancing and singing along. Very professional and accommodating, a true pleasure to work with and know. Great music & entertainment, looking forward to next year”

"Netty, you've got a great voice! Like if Eddie Vedder and Tracy Chapman had a baby...but somehow a little different. Unique!"

“When my husband, Gary and I went to see the Netty Mac Band for the first time, we were hooked before we even went inside. The band was having a break when we walked up. I recognized Netty from her website and introduced myself. It was like she had known me for years. She introduced me around the circle that was made up of her friends and band members and one by one they made us feel like old friends. Then we went inside. We had never heard the band before but from the first note, Netty's strong raspy voice had us dancing in our chairs. In fact the best proof of how good this band is, was when Gary got up and danced. He never danced. We love the band's unique take on classic rock crossed with a great country sound and will be fans for life. ”

Carloine Steman - Freelance Journalist Jumpin on the Netty Mac Train

"Talk about putting "a bounce in yer bum!" Netty and her Train hurls out the tunes and puts their enthusiasm straight into your lap. This lady will blast out the last of the wintertime grinches for you. A must-see! One of our SpringFest favourites."

Naomi Kikoak - Event Manager - East Coulee Museum Spring Festival

““Netty blends creativity and innovation with organization and strategy.””

Bobby Pizazz - Open Door Production - Nashville

"Netty, does not matter whether you are doing a original song or a cover tune... you have your NettyFIED music rolling down the track and your dedication makes believers out of us all. You are the definition of Success!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie Ledene - Internet Marketing & Booking Agent

"...She does not wait for life to come to her she gets out there grabs it by the horns and wrestles with it till she wins. Netty is the definition of entertainment, she has fire, she engages the crowd and her delivery has sent chills up my spine.. I am proud to wear my Netty Mac tshirt and proclaim to the world that I am her biggest fan."

"I just have to say - the entire Netty Mac band is such a Class Act... The positive energy surrounding Netty (& the entire band!) is contagious - just being in your presence is just so good for the soul ... So very glad to have met - Netty, the entire band and friends of the band - and hope to cross paths many, many times. Sometimes you just meet people that are so worth knowing..."