A Fragile Tomorrow / Press

“Not only are their harmonies killer, but they are just the nicest guys, and they just have a spirit about them. So you get a combination of that talent, and something special that they bring to an audience, and the fact that they are terrific human beings. We've toured with them before, and I'm sure we will again.”

Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls - The Post and Courier

“A Fragile Tomorrow is the best young band I've heard in years...because they've listened to & learned from such a vast pool of gifted singers, writers, & musicians, their songs have a maturity that belies they're youth plus the sibling harmony is something that only happens when brothers sing together...”

Don Dixon - Producer of R.E.M. and singer/songwriter

“The soothing rock ballad "Tupelo Song" is a favorite here with a wonderful guitar break and gorgeous 3-part harmony. "Dear Abbey White" is an unconventional surprise, with loud guitar riffs and low key vocals. The album shines best when it concentrates on mid-tempo pop like "I Never Said Enough" and "Captured."”

“Fortunately, Tripping Over Nothing rarely trips or falls — from the riff-driven and dynamic opener "Man with a Bottle" and the jangly "Peaceful Days" to the sorrowfully romantic "Captured."”

“Featuring a sound that calls to mind great '90s bands such as Toad the Wet Sprocket and Gin Blossoms, the music on 'Tripping Over Nothing ranges from all-out rockers such as 'Man With a Bottle' and 'Dear Abbey White' to more tranquil but no less powerful selections such as 'Tupelo Song' and 'World Revisited.'”

““A Fragile Tomorrow is a band that completely belies its youth. The songs of Sean Kelly are remarkable in their maturity, beauty and realization. They have the material along with a righteous work ethic and desire to succeed in music; I have no doubt that they will do just that.””

"A Fragile Tomorrow." This New York based rock band of teens are awesome. Their performance opening for Danielle Howle at the 5 Points After Five last week was thrilling. These guys are great musicians and songwriters and put on a show. Watch out Columbia...