Meredith O'Connor / Press

“Songwriting is always glad to see artists using their talents in a positive way and we’re sure readers will join us in wishing Meredith good luck with the tour!”

"It's a nifty twist and she pulls it off with theatrical flair. Most of O'Connor's songs sit somewhere between Debbie Gibson confessionals and Broadway, which is a pretty sweet place to be"

“The easiest answer to describing this album would be to compare it to Taylor Swift. That would be the lazy way to describe it, though. Sure, there are definitely comparisons to be made. But this really stretches over quite a bit of musical territory. Each song has a unique and powerful identity. This is a great set of music....The songs leave me wanting to hear more from O’Connor. She’s certainly got material here that would work well on pop radio, but everything is meaty and her songs and performances show a lot of passion and versatility.”

“She has put her emotions and convictions on the line with this release, and in doing so she could very easily become an example to those searching for inspiration.”

“Beware the wallflower. Meredith O’Connor never fit in. Ostracized in school for being different, O’Connor has used her differences to become truly unique. Singer, songwriter, model and actress, the 17-year old is on a steady rise. Her heart is in the right place too, as O’Connor still finds time to be an official advisor for www.reachout.com, an online information and support service for teens and young adults. O’Connor is about to release her debut EP, featuring four original songs culled from her personal experiences and beliefs. It is generally a pragmatic and positive look at the problems of a modern young adult.”

“Meredith is a young star and at this rate she’ll be close to “Celebrity” in no time.”

“This multi-talented young woman has an innocent strength and speaks with a mature sincerity rarely found in those her age or even older. With her flair for all things fun and a need to reach out to the hurting, it’s easy to see that her beauty runs far deeper than her powerful brown eyes and gorgeous head of hair!”

"Meredith O'Connor is a great upcoming talent"

"I can't do anything if my heart's not into it"