Asper Kourt / Press

“Listening to a live set and speaking with the band briefly was all it took to convince this writer of Asper Kourt’s unstoppable mix of talent and passion. While front man Herig plays guitar and sings very down-to-earth lyrics with a charisma reminiscent of Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson, keyboardist Sorenson adds a piano pop flare to their sometimes folksy mix of rock pop music that makes it very easy to love and a bit hard to classify.”

“When Asper Kourt snuffed out 24 other groups in the UNM Battle of the Bands 2009, part of its prize was getting entered into a national competition.”

The Weekly Alibi

“Kevin Herig (vocals, guitar), Mat Beston (bass), Nate Boitano (lead guitar), Heath Warren (drums), and Kurt Sorenson (keyboard) are Asper Kourt, a group that made tidal waves of Albuquerque’s music scene in the summer of 2007 - and hasn’t stopped. Herig, the bands singer-songwriter, combines influence from his favorite musicians - Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and John Mayer - to get a melodic, soft rock sound. In February 2009, the band’s EP, Changing Times, hit the national stage.”

Albuquerque The Magazine