Starlume / Press

“On their recently released, self-titled extended play, the Nashville, TN foursome of Landon Rose, Corey Eggleston, Nate Woodall and Issac Wriston dive once again into the popular rock niche that has gained them a significant fan following. This release recalls the jangly, guitar-driven melodies of bands like Vertical Horizon and Australia’s Taxiride, while forging a sound that can only be called their own. Rose’s flowing and emotional vocal delivery punctuates each chorus with a voice that sounds much more primed than might be expected from the front-man of a band that is still so relatively young (his dramatic background is an asset). To that powerful presentation, they then add the fluid assemblage of Eggleston and Wriston’s rhythm with Woodall’s expressive guitar. It is no wonder that Starlume is on the road all across the United States, because this is a band that is solidly behind the wheel.”

“Not known for its rock and roll scene, Topeka was given a rare, unexpected treat. With a sound that was at times melancholy, at times upbeat, Starlume rocked a show that featured brand new tracks with a mix of familiar favorites that Washburn students embraced. The audience kept trickling in throughout the show and those that made the trek weren't disappointed as the band from Nashville, Tenn. gave a performance worthy of some of their influences...”

“It’s shocking that Starlume is not on radio stations everywhere right now – they combine the perfect blend of accessible pop with some darker overtones that keep them from, as many of us like to say, “selling out”. The lush arrangements and Rose’s falsetto vocals make for such a full and cinematic sound, so its no surprise that their song, “So Please” (mp3 below) was recently featured on an episode of One Tree Hill – a show that disappoints as television, yet consistently manages to find some of the best music out there. And Starlume is no exception. Listen to the mp3s below (with the group’s brief description for us); you’ll be getting a sneak peek at a band that will surely be making waves all over the country in no time...”

“Since we're all so different when it comes to our personal taste in music, it's hard to pin-point one definate musical influence...”