Shattered Destiny / Press

“Despite this heavy Scandinavian involvement, Shattered Destiny still sound like an undiluted American power metal band, and I mean this with the highest respect. But let’s get finally to the music. The opener Welcome is a dramatic piece of power metal that recalls early Metal Church. Especially the rough yet melodic vocals set accents, but the songwriting doesn’t stand back. The chorus is a long drawn sequence of parts full of endearing pathos, coming apparently from an age when metal was still about playing heroic music instead of just trying to become ever more extreme.”

“Shattered Destiny has proven they have what it takes to remain relevant in this overly saturated world of metal.”

“Each song is genuinely different to the next, but surprisingly, the band manage to make it all sound coherent, and not at all out of place. It is a very interesting listen and it leaves the listener on a musical cliffhanger.”

“... these are powerful, punchy tracks, that grab you by the throat and demand your attention throughout.”

“In the time when almost every band is trying to sound like somebody else, it is very refreshing to see bands like this carving their own musical history with a fresh and interesting proposal.”

“the songs are very power metal, full of flair and pomp, even though the music, as noted, is technically proficient enough to be deemed “progressive” (not alienating, just skillful), and heavy enough to be deemed “thrash” (more in a vibe than any Teutonic razor riffing kind of way).”

“I feel any true metal fanatic will simply love what these guys deliver.”

"The story of Shattered Destiny started as a short story prose. This then turned into a screenplay which I started scoring music for. This music took a twist and I turned it into a full song. I demoed the song for a friend with the idea to make it a one-man project. But a friend of mind suggested going full force and encouraged me to really make it a true band. When I found our guitarist, Roman, I knew the foundation of the band was solid and I had made the right decision. The rest of the band fell into place perfectly. The music needs to be performed live and in front of people to have the full impact. There is so much emotion within the music and lyrics that can only be expressed in a live setting."