Robert Allen / Press

“More than half the songs are excellent, with good melody lines. The band lays down a nice rock n’ roll beat. The piano player gets into a nice Jerry Lee style on many cuts. The steel man does his thing. The band is outstanding”

Ron Pokatiloff - Amazon.com

“Great traditional country music. Jim Reeves, Ray Price and all the other legendary country ballad singers could not have put this one across any better than this vocalist. This was real country music, great verses, a nice easy hook that was big enough to let the audience know that it was coming.”

Doc Holiday, Mega Records - GarageBand.com

“The creamy-smooth voice and laid-back arrangements of country crooner Don Williams come to mind when listening to the warm, easygoing music of Robert Allen. Perfect for a road trip, barroom jukebox, or just lounging on the front porch.”

Music Editor - Download.com

“I received Something To Remember Me By and have been impressed with each time I have played it through. I will feature it on my Cyber Buddies show and will be spinning Boogie Woogie Rock & Roll on my rock & roll shows”

Trevor Hyland - 895 FM, Australia

“I would like to play your music in my weekly country music radio show”

Dieter Trenkler - Country Music Radio, Germany

“Many thanks for this fine album”

Shane Wilder, Program Director - Trans-American Broadcasting Corp., USA (78 stati

“Thank you so much for sending these my way – they are terrific and I just love your voice. I will be sure to give your music some airplay on my program”

Trudy Burke - 88.9 WYN-FM, Australia

“After listening to your cd, I find your Something To Remember Me By absolutely worthy to air. All the songs on this cd fit into my taste, and will be play listed”

Dan Hansen - Roskilde Dampradio, Denmark

“Thank you so much for sending your very good cd. Can you also make Radio ID liners for my shows?”

Rein Wortelboer - PeelGrass, The Netherlands

“Well, my friend, thank you for sending me such great material (WOW). You have just made my day. I’m really excited and all songs are tops and I can’t wait to spin them on my programs. That good old honky tonk and country rock is just what I and my listeners like”

Peter Harrison (DJ Pete) - Oak FM 101.3, Australia

“Many thanks for sending us your Something To Remember Me By album. A nice variety of good songs – some rather captivating! We’ll certainly be scheduling tracks”

Eddie O’Strange - Town & Country Radio, New Zealand

“Just letting you know that we received your albums. Great songs!! Specially love Blues Over You, and Till I Found You, and liking Old Man Brown too. Thank you for putting such neat music into the world!”

Ann Pascoe - TLC Radio, New Zealand

“Mercy ... Thank you very much for your cd … great album. Airplay is a natural thing and a great honor.”

Andre Leclerc - Tilt FM 88.8, France

“Many, many thanks for the cd. All tracks are now loaded and will be played on our local stations.”

Dave, Network Manager - Just Country Radio, New Zealand (9 stations)

“Thanks for sending me your cd. I like it very much and will certainly be giving some of the songs airplay time”

Tony Smedley - Apple AM, England

“Right now we have you on the air and we are also getting some requests; It’s A Cat’s Life and Boogie Woogie Rock & Roll and Bucket In The Sky. You are becoming a star here in Australia”

Dave Peters - Country 97.4 FM, Australia

“Thanks a lot for your album. It’s really very good!!!! Real country music my listeners want to hear.”

Alain Joris - Radio Columbus 106.9 FM, Belgium

“Many thanks for forwarding the promo copy of Something To Remember Me By, which is now in rotation. It is a great sounding album and will go down well on not only our Country programs, but some general ones too.”

Tony Bates, Station Librarian - Radio 3WBC, Australia

“. I have to say I have really enjoyed this album, and to see you are the writer of these songs adds more to a good album. We have given you a Star Rating of 5+ and we have you on prime time. This means we play you 6 times per day. You are like that nice fresh air, with no pollution.”

Dave Peters - Country 97.4 FM, Australia

““Hello and thank you for your cd. I will program 5 or 6 songs. Good continuation in your career. Very good songs.”

Jean Pierre - Radio Rencontre 93.3 FM, France

“Thanks a lot for sending me your new cd. It’s a great album with genuine country music. It was a great pleasure for me to listen to your songs, and the cd surely deserves a lot of airplay.”

Per K. Rodal - RMN, Norway

“Really like your music. I've heard new bigger names playing now that should be taking a back seat to you. Thanks for keeping raw talent alive.”

“You are great and deserve to be on as many stations as possible”