A Vicious Lullaby / Press

“On AVL's 2011 demo 'Emancipated Incantations': "Wow dude, I'm impressed. Love the guitar work. Really cool. Thanks for sending it.”

Jon Gallant (Bass - Billy Talent) - www.billytalent.com

"Deep guitar grooves with a psychedelic twist and a dynamic rhythm section, A Vicious Lullaby is like reading an Aldous Huxley book while dancing in a mosh-pit. One of Grey-Bruce's most exciting new bands."

Josh Richardson (Owner/Operator - Mudtown Records) - OTHERfolk Festival Introductions

"A Vicious Lullaby were once described as being 'like reading Aldous Huxley in a mosh pit.' This Meaford, Ontario trio of former high-school friends took the 2011 OTHERfolk Festival by surprise with their sophisticated combination of hard rock and psychedelia. Now with an even tighter sound, honed by the skills of engineer and producer Eric Warren, and sounding more like a bedtime reading of the Bhagavad Gita by Ozzy Ozborne, the boys are ready to blow the minds of the Lupercalia 2012 audience."

Josh Richardson (Owner/Operator - Mudtown Records) - www.lupercalia.ca

"Their style is psychedelic and rock. I don't want to say who they sound like, because they're very unique - yet very vintage"

Scott Graham - Quote from Work & Play in North Grey

"If you have seen A Vicious Lullaby perform at one of many local music venues you know that the band not only loves to entertain, but they love to mix up their music and offer something different...a terrific local band that formed just over a year ago...(continued)"

Chris Fell - Work & Play in North Grey