The Space Age Soul Initiative / Press

“Wow!!! "Sky High" is flawless!!!!! The vibe on all of your songs is perfect. AWESOME guitar-work, grooves, and vocals!!!!!!! Love the gritty solos and sing-along R&B vocal style. Lon”

Lon- "The Space Shark" - reverbnation

“I really like your variety of styles and song ideas!”

Heleana Maria - Reverbnation

“Fantastic guitar work and instrumentation in * The Island of Stability * . Creative writing and musicianship !!”

Treyes - Reverbnation

"Loving your sound - the combination of blues, R&B and electronica really comes together well. Listening to "Space Age Blues" and absolutely loving it!"

Leanne Felzien - Reverbnation

"Wow! What an incredible sound on "Space Age Blue!"

David L. Vacek and Monkey Paw Finger - Reverbnation

"'Free to Grow' is a wonderfully put together piece of music, many congrats."

Chipfryer - Reverbnation

"I am totally in love with this music. "Space Age Blue"..."if I'm so well connected, why am I missing you"...awesome lyrics and beautifully done."

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

"I love 'Free to Grow' awesome!"

Edgemour - Reverbnation

"FREE TO GROW... Great musicianship... Funky... Kool... Hip... I dig your work!"

Dorie Pride - Reverbnation

"The Island of Stability is very cool music"

Tommy Carl - Reverbnation

"Hell yeah! Amazing"

Andy D Jackson - Reverbnation

“Inspirational music Shaun and Armando,SKY HIGH IS EPIC,100% mega track,always privilege to visit your page guys,have a most rewarding 2013, Peace and World Love, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation

“Absolutely brilliant... great tunes, great vocals and the message is divine... "Space Age Blue" is fantastic... you are truly blessed.”

NewTribeZ Radio - Reverbnation

"Sky High" Outstanding Song, You Guys have what it takes to make it. Never Back Down!

Alberta Villalba - ReverbNation

“ Immaculate Work! ”

Enoch. Arcane - ReverbNation

"I got goose bumps when the guitar kicked in on sky high. way to go!"

Robert Totic - ReverbNation

"We here at Occupy Miami want to extend our love and gratitude to you and everyone in the movement that helped bring this song and video ("Sky High") out of the collective subconscious and into our collective reality. Thank you Space Age Soul Initiative, keep it up. The combination of all our hard and good work will save the world! Even if the world does not yet realize that it is in need of heroes. Universal peace and love ^_^"

Occupy Miami - Youtube

"Think you have found the "heart and soul of musical creative expression" I think you beat the Mars Curiosity Project to the discovery of new sounds;) Cool vibe:)"

Astro Joey - ReverbNation


DreamCatcher - ReverbNation

"Brilliant songs, I like your style and music. Keep up the great work, you are such talented musicians! My very best wishes from England. God Bless you!" Rob

Robert Steven Hunt - ReverbNation

"Love the sound and the concept of Space Age Soul."

PRD.Vocals - ReverbNation

"catchy tunes, excellent production, and wonderful music...you guys are just pure class!" x

The Kathryn Wheel - ReverbNation

“If your music spoke, it would say you are one of the best!! DJ Antonio”

DJ Antonio - Reverbnation

“I can't remember that I ever heared something like Sky High! Funky Space Blues! Lightly and well grounded!”

Laury of World-Sound-Colours - Reverbnation

“love the groove and the smooth soul on Sky High! Totally dig the blend with the acoustic guitar and the wild synth sounds..Very fresh and ear-opening! Wow!! ”

Danger Vain - Reverbnation

“This is some excellent music, folks - listen up and enjoy the ride.”

Rochester Slim - Reverbnation

“Brilliant work Space Age! Great original lyrics and music. Unique and enveloping. Great musicianship. Dig the vocals and great delivery!”

Russ of "Blue Mountain Mule" - Reverbnation

“Awesome music!! Really love the guitar solo on Sky High!! The vocals are great as well. The Island of Stability is also really excellent!! Breaking some new ground!! Beautiful Work!”

Johnathon Behm - Reverbnation

“Damn- that's some soulful music! Sky High is amazing..reminds me of Everlast, but better!”

Dry Martinez - Reverbnation

"Your probe into the deepest regions of space & time has produced Sky High results ~ Brilliant!"

Andrew Austin - Reverbnation

"The Island of Stability is quite brilliant. This music is a real sonic journey. Wonderful."

Frank Smith of "Sills and Smith" - Reverbnation

"Your music is a wonderful alchemy of mystical sounds interwoven for a musical experience!"

Paul Amirault - Reverbnation

"Awesome sound guys. Great blend of different genres. Love the latin feel on the island of stability."

12 String Scott - Reverbnation

"Sky High" "- I love when songwriters can convey the truth via their lyrics.....really well done."

Jim Marcotte - Reverbnation

" Brilliant musical painting of amazing colors of sound,creativity. pictures and lyrics of truths in all of our souls living in these days and times on your badass video "Sky High"!!! Outstanding vibe!!"

John Revitte - Reverbnation

"the island of stability, well this song is definitely gonna stick in my head, started out slow and then out of now where smacked me with genius of music, and progression. keep making love in your music and dont ever change it for no one!"

Ezefeld - Reverbnation

"Amazing music! I love the groove, emotive lyrics and gorgeous guitar in Sky High. I'd love to see you in Australia!"

Catherine Bond - Reverbnation

"Sky High should be on the air waves around the nation...that song is powerful!"

Da Bullet - Reverbnation

"Outstanding and beautiful music that speaks volumes! You are true masters and I can't wait to hear more. Awesome production, too."

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“beautiful, soaring tone to that guitar solo on "sky high"..what a knockout old-skool funky soul track guys..fantastic playing and a rich, warm sound to the mix. Just lovin that tune!! ”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“We really enjoy your "Sky High" , a very wonderful music, with a wonderful messages, your voice deliver the emotion to the music..and it's beautiful ! ”

Alice and Bjorn - Reverbnation

“Sky High is one killer song from start to end and in every possible way.”

Infinite Ego - Reverbnation

“Your music is transcendentally lovely! And I especially love the sentiments of your lyrics regarding justice!”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“Howdy from Austin Texas. Some of the most interesting, original craft I have ever heard. I'm tempted to list all the influences I am hearing but that would be a distraction from your genius. Superb, Stunning Groove Machine.”

Wade of "Shadebull" - Reverbnation

"Sky High" is funky as it gets. Love this track!"

Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr - Reverbnation

"I don't know how many different ways there are to love a song, but they were all working overtime as I listened to 'Sky High'. I expect that extraordinary piece of work to top the charts any day now."

Christopher Morse - Reverbnation