Magnolia Collective / Press

"Captiviating lyrics, alluring harmonies, eerie and poignant."

TMC - Too Much Country

"North Carolina's Magnolia Collective are a force to be reckoned with."

A. B. Jones - No Depression

"This is a Southern Rock outfit expanded with a full accompaniment of surly smooth and tantalizingly moody textures. Every song is penned from a quill inked in the blood of a broken heart."

Jeremy Blair - Secret Carrboro Ninja Patrol

"Magnolia Collective vacillates between rollicking and haunted psych-tinged tunes that dance across the wire."

Chris Parker - Indy Week

"Coalescing their talent and love of Americana music, Magnolia Collective have formed an all-star folk rock revue of 'bootgazers.'”

Ashley Meltzer - Mill

"One of the best voices in the Triangle, hands down."

Agatha Donkar - Brand New Kind of Blog