Chaka Khan / Press

“On the cusp of her 60th birthday on March 23, Billboard magazine is celebrating Chaka Khan's career with the release of their “Stars Tribute” issue.”

“She’s got an amazing product that people are definitely interested in and we would love to be able to expand it and make it available to a wider audience”

“Chakalates contains 12 pieces of decadent dark chocolates rich in beneficial antioxidants that the health-conscious singer notes is “good for our hearts and brains, help lower blood pressure, and, can help control blood sugar.”

“To some Khan might be just another music diva, but the entertainer was honored by fans for her extraordinary contributions to the musical world.”

“Chaka Khan looks amazing at 59!”

“I am humbled I was chosen to receive the 365Black Award with such an amazing group of individuals who also embrace community service. I commend McDonald's for their ongoing efforts to make community service a priority.”

“Khan loves to help. She uses her voice, her time and spirit to heal.”

“At her concerts, younger listeners can experience R&B and soul music live and without the plasticities that plague its contemporary form. ”

“Chaka Khan: Woman on Fire”