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“I’m digging these dudes and I’ve really enjoyed the album. I think “Resist” and “In The Air Tonight” will find spots on my radio show, “The Meltdown with Clutch”. Now that they’ve got one under their belt, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in their sophomore effort. Hopefully, they’ll just settle in, crank it to 11 and rip off the knob!”

Clutch Rocks - The Meltdown with Clutch

“Overall it is a great album (“Game Changer”) and very much worth your time and money. This band also puts on a great live show, and their love for God shines through on and off the stage. So don’t miss this album or a chance to see a show.”

“They've become one of the premier Christian rock bands in America. No hype here, folks. They are the real deal as I've said before. But most of all, real Christians. If you go to a Protest show and don't leave feeling loved by God and them, then something is wrong.”

Chris Bousum - Always One Ministries Co-Founder

“I first met them about 4 years ago at Rockfest. And I didn't care for them (not because of their music) but because I thought they were too good to be true. I mean, they showed up early, helped every single band, were nice to every single fan, worker, and respected the promoter and venue. I thought it was an act. I saw them again a couple of years later with The Letter Black, Icon For Hire, Blank Pages and Foreveratlast. And to my surprise it was the same thing again...helping every band, helping the venue, loving on each fan and even giving away your music because the show was delayed because of technical problems. So after watching the band all these years, I have concluded that the guys are the real deal! They really love Jesus and translates into their music, performance, love for other bands, venues, and fans! I am happy to say that I was wrong! Love you guys a bunch! God bless you and your CD release! ”

Perry Wilhite - The Gear Venue

"The aggression level remains cranked; with the exception of one ballad, all the songs rock with go-for-the-throat intensity. The riffs on this album chug more than a professional beer drinker and the commercial heaviness is punctuated with some judicious screams."

"These guys steamroll you over with a furious wall of sound that is all slamming riffs and butt-kicking aggression, the kind of clenched fist rock that made Disciple, Pillar, and Thousand Foot Krutch household names in the Christian rock industry."

“With band mate nicknames like "Shred", "Animal", "Texas Two Step", "Sludge" and "Sarge", one does not immediately envision a metal band with a mission from God. That is what Indiana based The Protest are though. Unable to really compare this band with others of the same agenda, The Protest doesn't make metal music for the mild audience. Rather, they offer crushing beats, blazing guitar riffs with hooks and leads that twist and turn around every lyric belted out with absolute fury. All encased within their message of hope and salvation. After doing extensive research on the band and their music, it is best said that The Protest strength lies in their live performances. . . .full review available online at rsmpromotions.weebly.com/reviews.html”


Josh Kincheloe (Icon For Hire)

"An upper echelon independent Christian band!"


"Real Rockin Stuff!!"

Taylor Carroll (Pillar, The Letter Black)

"The nicest guys in the business." And I would like to add that they are among the hardest working bands with a huge heart for God and music. I am amazed an honored each and every time they perform at one of my shows! I consider them all close friends of mine and brothers in Christ!

Nathan Endris - Founder - Rockfest Ministries

“When I first heard these guys, I just knew I had to meet them. Not only do they produce some incredible tunes, with great lyrics to match, they are doing it for the right reason. ”

Ricky Potts - rickyleepotts.com

“NEW NAME...SAME AWESOME GUYS …The staff of Always One Ministries went to Indy to one of those incredible shows you can only dream of. For under $10 we were able to see Blank Pages, Forever At Last, Icon for Hire & The Letter Black that alone would have been awesome. But there was this other band, a band we had waited to see live since getting an email months before...Protest for Pluto. We were able to meet the band before they took the stage. These guys are amazingly talented musicians, but more importantly they are humble, kind, & caring guys that truly know what they are doing & why they are doing it. Their stage show is high energy, hard rock & they BRING IT…Recently, PFP, changed their name to The Protest & unveiled a new logo, new merchandise, & new songs. If you have NOT heard them, check them out. You also need to do yourself a favor & see these guys in a live performance to really get the full effect of how personable & cool they really are.”

“The Protest has been hitting the local market as an opening act for national recording artists as well as a hard presence on worldwide Christian Rock radio stations. ”

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