Royal Smokestacks / Press

“The pre-show playlist this night is a thing of beauty. Besides the aforementioned Black Diamond Heavies, there's a whole slew of fuzzy blues to keep the mood moving prior to a stellar Royal Smokestacks performance”

“Meet Royal Smokestacks. "Alright, here's one for dancing," Pat Egan suggests. Daniel Kraus takes the cue and the band goes into "My Delilah." But what makes this crowd really shake its bones is an Americana ladened rendition of "Woolly Bully." Ah, the power of familiarity. Everyone's woollying and bullying all over the place and the energy never lets down from here.”

“Haiku Review: Royal Smokestacks at Off Broadway, 03/29/12 When the drummer sang It was all sweet harmony. What a nice surprise.”

“Support St. Louis’s own Royal Smokestacks as they play Plush this week. Though they were only started in 2011, Royal Smokestacks already have a great sound if you’re in the mood for some Americana rock.”

“Royal Smokestacks played a moody neo-Americana, the kind of music we can't just call "rock" anymore but it still fits the bill. Their set was mellow, with occasional outbursts of rockabilly vocals, ska inflection, and a swinging cover of "Wooly Bully."”