Profusion / Press

"There is no doubt Profusion are a strange bunch delivering eclectic-yet-pop prog."

"Phersu ჯგუფის მეორე ალბომია, რომლის საპატიო სტუმარიც არის ანიტა. ამ ალბომში შედის მის მიერ შესრულებული სიმღერა Wrinkled Maiden, რომელიც ალცჰაიმერით დაავადებულთა დასახმარებლად ჩაიწერა."

"Wer der progressiven Rockmusik ohnehin schon verfallen ist, wird an diesem Album sicherlich Freude finden. Aber auch für Fachfremde, auch aus seichteren musikalischen Gefilden, ist “Phersu” empfehlenswert. Und wer sich noch dazu an einem stimmigen Artwork erfreuen kann, sollte beim Kauf die Hardware-Variante wählen."

"Eclectic, sophisticated music with half a foot or thereabouts inside the progressive metal spectrum and otherwise with a firm foundation in innovative progressive rock is what Profucion provides us on their third studio production "Phersu", lightly flavored with some subtle jazz and fusion touches and with occasional forays into landscapes drawing in inspiration from world music and folk music to boot. A well made, high-quality CD, well worth giving a spin for those with an interest in accessible yet at times also somewhat challenging and well made contemporary progressive rock of the eclectic kind."

“Phersu is one of those albums that you need to listen to a few times to get the full effect. It is certainly a grower that needs some time to sink in but when it does there should be plenty of flavours to savour. Another excellent release from Progressive Promotion Records.”

"Phersu powinno trafić w wasze gusta. Mamy tu sporo pasji, ale i melancholii. Jest sporo muzycznego rzemiosła, ale też nie brakuje luzu i czytelnej radości z muzykowania. Radości i energii, która udziela się słuchaczowi. Sięgając po tą płytę doświadczymy nasycenia muzyką niemalże o charakterze orkiestralnej, pełnej wrażeń i warstw, które z chęcią odkrywa się z kolejnymi przesłuchaniami."

“Phersu is a perfect album, combining progressive rock music with jazzy and poppy elements, some of the compositions are simply amazing...”

“De Phersu zijn gemaskerde personen uit Etruskische afbeeldingen. In elk nummer zet deze band andere maskers op. Prog, rock, metal, pop, folk en klassiek wisselen elkaar even vanzelfsprekend af. Men blaakt van tonnen zelfvertrouwen; het is alsof alles moeiteloos uit de mouwen wordt geschud. Deze plaat mag als modelvoorbeeld naar de rockschool. Kom daar maar eens mee af, tegenwoordig.”

“Non è uno dei tanti capolavori irrinunciabili che la stampa specializzata tenderà di smerciare, per poi dimenticarsene dopo un paio di mesi; né, peraltro, il prodotto è classicamente prog (o forse lo è proprio perché sfugge alle immediate catalogazioni). Si tratta però di un’uscita energica e accattivante, che potrebbe tranquillamente essere trasmessa nelle stazioni radio, senza per questo essere svalutata o far calare gli ascolti perché troppo complessa. È una bella via di mezzo. Una volta tanto, un felice compromesso… senza compromessi!”

“Non c’è una suite, non serve necessariamente per risultare Progressive Rock, ci sono canzoni, e frangenti che alla mia memoria fanno tornare emozioni scaturite nel tempo anche da album come “Metropolis Part 2” del teatro dei sogni. Ci sono quindi molti momenti che mi hanno colpito, il simil-Folk alla Gentle Giant all’inizio di “Forgetful Hero”, la bella voce dell’ospite Anita Rachvelishvill in “Wrinkled Maiden”, oppure la dolcissima “Forbidden”. Quando un disco si basa su melodie armoniose, è facile centrare l’obbiettivo del piacere all’ascolto. “Phersu” è dunque un lavoro onesto, maturo e professionale, sotto molteplici punti di vista, tuttavia chi non ama molto lo stile Dream Theater potrebbe avere qualche obbiezione a questa mia critica. Si, questa musica è bianca!”

“Certains instruments y sont parfaitement mis en valeur, je voulais parler du piano qui fournit un travail exemplaire. Le chant est aussi un élément majeur de cette production, qui révèle un groupe en grande progression. Album à saisir et à découvrir et pour cela, il faut l'écouter attentivement plusieurs fois !”

“After 2012's 'RewoToweR', that took 6 years of line-up changes, writing down and polishing, Profusion return with 'Phersu', named after a man-like creature painted upon some ancient Etruscan tombs. Although all five guys from the previous album are at work here, their art has perceptibly evolved, especially composition-wise.”

“Dafür aber erinnert Sängerin ANITA RACHVELISHVILI in der fast klassisch anmutenden Pop-Ballade „Wrinkled Maiden“ sogar an JENNIFER RUSH, was für alle, die nicht gleich rundum jeglichen Pop verdammen, als eine große Adelung gelten dürfte. Am ehesten aber werden wohl Freunde solch völlig unitalienischer Bands ENCHANT, SIEGES EVEN, bzw. deren Nachfolger SUBSIGNAL, sehr glücklich mit PROFUSION werden, die ihrem Namen alle Ehre machen und mit erhobenen Daumen die unterschiedlichsten progressiven und nichtprogressiven Musik-Stile zu einem Großen und Ganzen namens „Phersu“ fusionieren. Wunderschön endet dann das an vielen Höhen, aber auch einigen Tiefen reiche Album mit „Forbidden“ - einer akustischen Piano-Ballade voller zärtlichem Gesang und einer traurigen Gänsehaut-Melodie: „Don‘t be afraid to let them foam / Show and let them soar / They‘re born to be forbidden no more.“ Ja, ein wahrhaft gelungener Abschluss!”

"Chuta Chani, a wonderful traditional Caucasian lullaby from Georgia re-elaborated and transformed into something unusual and new with sudden bursts of energy and even tarantella passages."

“Being a vestige of the seventies prog / art rock effusions it is not often that a 21st century band will grab my attention straight away and I usually approach them with extreme predjudice and cynicism. In the case of Profusion’s RewoTower ( I had never heard of the album or the band until last week ) I was sold after just one listen. If these guys don’t make it I ‘ll move to another planet. Brilliant execution, superb production and masterful musicianship gets this baby an easy 4½ gold stars.”

“Profusion nous offre là un album d’excellente facture, varié, énergique, atypique. Une vraie bouffée d’air pur et de jouvence. Pour ne rien gâcher au tableau, sur scène ils sont très bons. A découvrir absolument.”

“Rewotower is an album made by people who spent thousands of hours developing the skills to put on a quality show, and tens of thousands of listening hours figuring out all the things a quality show might sound like.”

“Profusion has definitely created something very special with “RewoToweR” and it’s one of those rare albums that does require close listening from start to finish in order to truly appreciate it even though there are still plenty of hooks to hold your attention. I cannot praise this album enough and I do think it has the potential to become a progressive metal classic with plenty of staying power. Please check out the album video below and if you like what you hear, you can purchase RewoToweR via the Amazon.com links, also below.”

“Rewotower is definitely one of the best albums of 2012 and could spin a few times without me noticing, as it is extremely pleasant to listen to. The nice balance of catchy riffs-refrains/short tracks and challenging music is potentially the most valuable asset of this album. Progressive music can certainly become more popular through such releases; which is something that a few might find annoying...”

“Shortly after their 2006 release, One Piece Puzzle, with tensions increasing within the camp, the Italy based progressive rock band Profusion was on the verge of collapse. After replacing a few members, the band decided to continue, and started work on another album. Even after this, there were more problems, with the original guitarist leaving, and the lead vocalist being replaced in the middle of the recording sessions. It is amazing to me that through all of these trying experiences, an album even got made. The fact that it is an incredible album that spans all the various sub-genres of progressive rock is simply a testament to the talent of the individuals involved. RewoToweR is a wonderful example of a musical fire that just refuses to be extinguished.”

"Profusion have created something very special with “RewoToweR” and does require close listening from start to finish to truly appreciate it and become one with it even though there are plenty of hooks and catchiness to hold your attention. I am sincere in saying that I cannot praise this album enough and is guaranteed to be a progressive metal classic with plenty of staying power."

"Un georgiano, un siciliano, un mezzo tedesco e due poggibonsesi. Non è l'inizio di una banale barzelletta. E' la line-up dei Profusion, band di Siena che dal 2002 si fa largo nel panorama emergente italiano a suon di prog-rock/metal. Che attualmente non si tratti del genere più considerato in ambito musicale non è una novità, ma la tecnica e la precisione di questo quintetto toscano meritano assolutamente di essere promosse."

“The song “Chuta Chani” is a perfect example of what the band has to offer. Melodic violin solo intro? Check. Crunchy, tasty riff? Yep. Great bass line? Of course. Guitar with a hint of Middle Eastern spice? Indeed. Clean, strong semi-exotic vocals? In spades. Catchy bridge and chorus? Oh yeah. Breakneck keyboard solo with classical motifs? And how! Short chorale section to conclude? Why not? The singer, Luca Latini (described on the ProgArchives.com page as a “pop-soul singer”) has personality to spare. Normally, I’m not too taken with English lyrics sung with a strong accent, but Latini makes it work (at least for me) because he has fabulous tone and range, and he does inject so much enthusiasm and energy into the proceedings. And, despite the accent, he reminds me quite often of the criminally underrated Ted Leonard of Enchant (and other projects), which is high praise.”

"Profusion have created some extraordinary songs on "RewoToweR", that has a myriad of diverse styles mixed into a bubbling cauldron of prog metal meets jazz fusion, Latino acoustics and beyond. I was not prepared for such a mixture of styles so it took me by surprise. Too often albums form a particular genre sit safely on one idea, especially metal where every song cranks out a blistering lead break or a power chord structure staying on one repetitive riff. Profusion have contrarily opted to explore a range of styles to bring across the concept of climbing up tower steps. It works because they never overdo any particular style but give each track just the right amount of musical flair. There is metal here as one would expect but it is not overpowering; there is a fair amount of beauty too with some relaxing passages of ambiance, and there is also some explosive lead guitar soloing and keyboard dexterity."

“Otro modelo revelador de lo que PROFUSION es desde su quintaesencia misma, y de paso, un oportuno modo de cerrar fastuosamente “Rewotower”, un disco que sin duda deberá llamar, especialmente hablando, la atención de todos los amantes del prog sinfónico con temple contemporáneo y de los coleccionistas de prog-metal con afanes melódicos. Pero yendo a un diagnóstico general, este disco tiene suficientes cuotas de musicalidad, pulcritud técnica y energía rockera como para poner a PROFUSION en un rol destacado dentro de las mentes de los amantes del prog sinfónico moderno armado de acuerdo a varios patrones comunes de las últimas dos décadas.”

“I let the music hits me here and there through many many weeks, and now I'm convinced it's a great album, especially for Prog Metal fans, but also for those who think that this particular sub-genre is no original any more. Here's an example of great music recorded by some really wonderful and "unknown" Italian musicians. The balance of energy, melody and freedom is what you find in this particular album and I think most prog fans should give it a try. Well, I think that after several spins in these past months there's not much else to say about it. I do encourage anyone to try this wonderful band. There's quality and good notion of soul and sense in this prog metal band. But, in the other hand, I think there's nothing else to be a stand-alone album. It's a strong 4 stars album for sure. Now I will keep on check the track of this particular band. Give it a try, you don't have anything to lose and a lot more to win.”

“Το όνομα των Ιταλών Profusion προκύπτει από την ένωση των λέξεων progressive και fusion και λειτουργεί αναμφισβήτητα και σαν περιγραφή του στυλ τους. Το ‘Rewotower’ είναι το δεύτερο τους άλμπουμ και είναι από αυτά τα άλμπουμ που χωρίς να είναι εξαιρετικό, στο τέλος αφήνει μια ευχάριστη αίσθηση. Μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ αυτή η ένωση prog και fusion, θυμίζοντας μου αρκετά τους Spock’s Beard, ενώ οι τεχνικές τους ικανότητες αν και εμφανείς, δε χρησιμοποιούνται προς επίδειξη. Γράφουν όμορφα μελωδικά και ταυτόχρονα ρυθμικά τραγούδια και από αυτά ξεχώρισα το ‘Chuta Chani’, για τη φοβε”

“Rewotower é o novo disco da banda italiana Profusion. Os caras ainda são pouco conhecidos no Brasil, mas fazem um som de torcer o rabo da porca. Esse trabalho tem algo bem diferente dos anteriores: A formação é completamente diferente da original. Todos os músicos atuais da banda entraram pra substituir algum membro que saiu. "Ah, Rafa, o som deve ter mudado um monte". Verdade. O Profusion costumava usar instrumentos de sopro, havia dois vocalistas e mais uma série de diferenças, entretanto, a formação atual é tão criativa e competente quanto a anterior. Rewotower vale a pena em cada minuto de audição. A variedade do material é impressionante até mesmo pra quem tá acostumado com discos experimentais.”

“Er det et ord jeg får frysninger av er det fusion. Ofte gir det meg brekninger, men det er fordi jeg forbinder det med jazza saker, hvor det kanskje inkluderes saxofon. Grøss. Men Profusion er ikke i nærheten av å hisse opp brekningsmuskelen, faktisk var det en helt kurant reise å være med på. Det er ganske rockete når de først leker seg i den enden av skalaen, og når de flørter med ballader og rolige innslag er det ofte vakkert og fett. Fusion er her, men mest som et krydder, og kanskje aller mest i ordets betydning. Å fusjonere stiler som det de gjør her, hvor rock, prog, pop og litt fusion benyttes, er ikke ensbetydende med suksess. Oppskriften er dog fin og resultatet bør tilfredsstille deg som liker for eksempel Arena og noe av det nyere Marillion. Fans av disse to er ofte såpass hardbarka og vil nok påpeke at jeg har totalt feil, men på enkelte låter her hos Profusion hører jeg uten problemer elementer som bør kunne tiltale om ikke annet.”

“RewoToweR è un ossimoro e si basa sul concept di una torre da esplorare in modo ascendente e discendente, concetto intrigante, ad ogni piano della torre un livello diverso, come un gioco elettronico in cui non sai mai cosa ti aspetterà dopo… o se preferite un’immagine più romantica è come la famosa scatola di cioccolatini di Gump. Questi musicisti eclettici hanno fatto un disco coi controfiocchi, vanto del panorama italiano, che è sempre capace di distinguersi.”

“This album may short through different styles, but Luca Latini's clear and powerful vocals are always to the fore and this is never short on melody. In fact, there are so many hooks that some will argue (with some justification) that this isn't prog at all, but a melodic metal hybrid. Every person who listens to this will pick up on one influence or another as there is just so much going on; for me it is Porcupine Tree mixing with Dream Theater and possibly Sylvan, but the way that this is melded together is a delight and does it really matter who may have impacted their sound? The short version is this: if you enjoy music that is full of melody, extremely well played by guys who aren't adverse to complexity and note density who like stretching perceived boundaries, then this is something you simply must have. Four solid stars in anyone's book.”

“Progressiv rock er noe man enten forguder eller absolutt fordrar, det takket være komplekse rytmer, tekniske riff, eller en keyboardist som lirer ut lyder mer fargerike enn regnbuen. De italienske herremennene i Profusion byr nettopp på det og litt til på deres nyeste kraftverk kjent som Rewotower(2012). Som bandnavnet tilsier, kan man oppsummere at musikken er en saftig blanding av progressiv rock og fusion der man kan gå fra noe veldig rockete til funk.”

“Yksi tämäntyyppinen väistöliike kuullaan Chuta Chanissa, joka naittaa upeasti Mustanmeren traditionaalisia sävelmiä lennokkaaseen progemetalliin, nousten kevyesti kiekon kohokohdaksi. Tästä eteenpäin matka jatkuu amerikkalaishenkisemmän nykyprogen äärellä, mutta Chuta Chani on jo ehtinyt jättää jälkeensä niin lähtemättömän vaikutuksen, ettei mikään sen jälkeen kuultu pysty sitä enää pilaamaan. RewoTowerin perusteella Profusionin vahvuudet piilevät ryhmän vaikuttavassa tyylitajussa yhdistää amerikkalaistyylinen neoproge etnisempiin musiikkimuotoihin ja ennen kaikkea vahvakärkisessä sävellyskynässä. Kun vielä levyn tuotantopuolikin on täysin kohdillaan, voidaan tämän levyn kohdalla puhua yhdestä parhaimmista julkaisuista, jonka ProgRock Records on tänä vuonna pukannut ulos.”

“Parfois, j’ai l’impression que le petit monde du rock progressif est si clos que même une simple petite brise peut faire office d’un grand bol d’air frais. Dans le cas présent, la petite brise vient d’Italie et s’appelle RewoTower, le dernier album de Profusion.”

“Folli, geniali, imprevedibili, ma eccelsi, proprio come si addice a tutte quelle band che, naturalmente, portano avanti un discorso musicale basato sulla coerenza e su scelte artistiche, lontani dai soliti cliché, e si gettano anima e corpo nella sperimentazione sonora. Ecco la vera parola chiave, che, a volte, porta alla procreazione di veri e propri capolavori discografici come nel caso di 'Rewotower', ottima la scelta del titolo palindromo dei senesi Profusion.”

“Bref peut être un des albums de l’année 2012 grâce à ses mélanges savoureux de genres et qui se veut être un véritable coup de cœur. En ce qui me concerne, je pense que PROFUSION est tout simplement une bande de potes mais également des pros qui n’ont pas la grosse tête ! En attente de les voir en live un jour, et pour le scoop du jour, il est prévu un troisième album qui traitera de la confusion, du chaos et de la frénésie d’information concernant du monde actuel... tout un PROG r AME !!! Faites vous plaisir : achetez cette galette « al dente » made in Italia !!!”

“Quando la comunicazione arriva dritta al “bersaglio”, quando chi ne fruisce riesce ad intenderne il “messaggio”, e questo indipendentemente dai codici che vengono utilizzati e dalle loro eventuali complessità semantiche, ebbene, solo allora si può parlare di una forma espressiva vera, matura, riuscita. Lo scopo dei Profusion e del loro secondo albo dal titolo squisitamente palindromo “RewoTower” (adoro queste cose …) è di dimostrare che tanti diversi linguaggi sonori possono finire per essere convogliati in una percezione comunicativa raffinata, vigorosa, colta e lirica, ma sempre straordinariamente intelligibile, in una compressione di suoni, stimoli e suggestioni che, nonostante l’evidente perizia specialistica, si manifesta in tangibile antitesi con qualsiasi tendenza puramente virtuosistica.”

“Si hay estilos y/o países que visitamos poco lo de hoy aún hace más tiempo que no teníamos oportunidad de ofreceros, ya que con PROFUSION nos vamos de viaje a Italia a ritmo de progresivo. La formación nace en 1999 como un trío instrumental aunque esta situación cambió con la entrada de dos miembros más (guitarra y voz) en 2002, momento en el que se ponen su actual apelativo. Durante los primeros años la banda crea unos temas y se toma la situación con tranquilidad, de ahí que tuvieramos que esperar al 2006 para ver en tiendas su debut, autoproducido y autoeditado, “One Piece Puzzle” (aunque se grabó en 2004). A partir de ahí se producen grandes cambios en su formación y, poco a poco, su aparición en distintos eventos en directo que les hacen ganarse una buena fama.”

“Uit Italië verwacht je progressieve rock die stevig geworteld is in de jaren zeventig, maar Profusion vult eerder het gat tussen de Britse neoprog en Dream Theater. Toch onderscheiden deze vijf heren zich met een heel eigen aanpak en zou hun tweede album ‘RewoToweR’ wel eens voor een sensatie kunnen zorgen. Het ‘RewoToweR’-gebouw is niet zoals een toren van Babel, waar de verschillende talen enkel tot verwarring leiden. Het is een meer dan geslaagde poging om langs de weg van het experiment een nieuwe, moderne muziektaal te spreken.”

“Wer es gewohnt und einfach liebt, der wird es mit "Rewotower" sehr schwer haben. PROFUSION heben sich so aber erfreulich von dem musikalischen Prog Einheitsbrei ab und setzten neue Duftmarken.”

“Finalmente, «RewoTower apresenta um lado inovador e original que permite perceber que os Profusion são mais do que apenas uma banda a tentar imular a música dos seus ídolos. Seja num apontamento de bossa nova ou numa alusão ao tango, o quinteto consegue sempre polvilhar as suas composições do factor surpresa a que os fãs de rock/metal progressivo não conseguem resistir e que faz este trabalho passar do mero espectro de “bom” e chegar a ser um excelente disco.”

“This sophomore Profusion effort is trully excellent and in fact the music in the album is the closest thing I've heard to the artistic Rock/Metal approach of A.C.T. from Sweden.New singer Luca Latini adds a clear and catchy voice next to the frenetic, powerful and energetic musicianship of the instrumentalists, making Profusion one of the most interesting entries in the modern Progressive Rock scene.The tracks of the album are accesible, easy-listening and groovy but at the same time the arrangements are demanding, full of rich sounds and virtuosic passages.Drawing influences from the DREAM THEATER style of Progressive Metal, the technique of Fusion musicians/bands like DEREK SHERINIAN and PLANET X and the lyrical expression of QUEEN, Profusion propose an amalgam full of irritating melodies, intricate solos, superb vocal arrangements and memorable choruses.”

““Rewotower” è la seconda fatica discografica dei Profusion, band che si muove su un sereno e cristallino cielo Prog Rock e che incanta per perizia tecnica.”

“Pizza, makarony? Zazwyczaj jakoś nie za bardzo przemawiają do mnie mączne produkty rodem prosto z Włoch. Słucham jednak płytki „RewoToweR” (tytuł to palindrom słowa tower), a tu taki czad, że głowa mała! Panowie Italiano: Luca Cambi (gitara basowa), Luca Latini (wokal), Thomas Laguzzi (gitara) i Gionatan Caradonna (klawisze) plus pochodzący z Gruzji Vladimer Sichinava (perkusja) przepięknie grają! Toskania winem płynąca i świetny zespół mająca! O, i slogan reklamowy już jest! Nie znalazłem w tej propozycji niczego, co zniesmaczyłoby mój gust muzyczny. Zarówno aranże, brzmienie całości i jakość nagrania są na najwyższym światowym poziomie. Jeśli ktoś nie „zmakaroni" tej produkcji i dobrze ją rozreklamuje, to z pewnością będziemy świadkami dalszych wzniosłych lotów chłopaków z Profusion. Gitary i klawisze to mistrzostwo w swoim rodzaju. Nie pozostaje nic innego jak tylko mocno kibicować tej kapeli. Mają znakomity warsztat, charakteryzu”

“Un ulteriore elemento di pregio di questo album, che è poi la chiave di volta su cui è stato costruito, è la progressione, che avviene di canzone in canzone, verso altri stili musicali, con contaminazioni che variano dalla fusion, alla musica folk a quella centro-sudamericana e a quella sinfonica. Si tratta più che altro di gradevoli camei inseriti al punto giusto e non di una totale fusione, di trovate occasionali che servono a rendere particolare il pezzo. L’integrità stilistica dell’album non ne viene alterata e questo appare, nonostante i diversivi, abbastanza bilanciato, unitario e nient’affatto frammentato. La sensazione è quella di salire i gradini di una scala a chiocciola su cui si aprono, di livello in livello, stanze che affacciano ognuna verso un paesaggio diverso, dandoci la possibilità di volgere per un attimo lo sguardo altrove, pur rimanendo sempre dentro lo stesso edificio.”

“Besonders erfrischend finde ich im übrigen die Stimme der Band. Luca Latini heißt der gute Mann und abgesehen von seinem genreuntypischen Aussehen, überzeugt mich dieser mit seinem klaren und ungekünstelten Organ. Die Qualität der Songs wird problemlos bis Nummer 11 gehalten. Ganz ohne Durchhänger!”

“Spirited, energetic music is at the core of what Profusion supplies on their sophomore effort "RewoTower", music bordering rather than combining the music of acts like Sylvan and Porcupine Tree, but with brief detours into both folk and fusion tinged waters. Fans of the aforementioned acts as well as progressive metal fans who don't mind the occasional rock flavors in their metal diet should find this disc to be worth checking out. A good quality excursion where the compressed production most likely will be the most contested feature.”

“Rewotower is the sort of album that should appeal to any listener across the progressive rock spectrum; the musicianship is phenomenal, the production is flawless, and the mature songwriting instantly reveals that Profusion is a group of gifted composers. I'll definitely recommend this one to fans of Spock's Beard, IQ, Pain of Salvation, Yes, and Echolyn - Profusion is a band too good to miss!”

“Profusion were born from the idea to form a "just for fun band" for the summer. The idea came up to me and my close friend Gionatan while he was playing in another teen garage band. We asked a friend of us to join the band as bass player and we decided to call the trio "Mardi Gras Experience". The name had to reflect the variety of musical genres that we wanted to mix in our project, like in a carnival. Nowadays we still maintain this philosophy. (There is also Spanish version of interview).”

“On a base of classic symphonic prog, Profusion blends in a fair amount of metal riffs, but also adds in the diversity of groups such as Queen and 10CC in their sound. Precision seems to be a key to their sound. A tight rhythm section of drummer Vladimer Sichinava and bassist Luca Cambi never let up, while guitarist Thomas Laguzzi and keyboardist Gionatan Caradonna creat interesting tones and splendid solos. Vocalist Luca Latini has a very clear tone, reminding me at times of early Steve Walsh of Kansas, but mostly of Kasim Sultan of Utopia. We are a only third of the way through the year, but there is a strong possibility that this will be near the top of my list for favorites of 2012.”

“Being a vestige of the seventies prog / art rock effusions it is not often that a 21st century band will grab my attention straight away and I usually approach them with extreme predjudice and cynicism. In the case of Profusion's RewoTower ( I had never heard of the album or the band until last week ) I was sold after just one listen. If these guys don't make it I 'll move to another planet. Brilliant execution,superb production and masterful musicianship gets this baby an easy 4½ gold stars. Accolades.”

“Profusion sind längst nicht eingleisig und orientieren sich nicht zu straff am Progmetal, der überwiegend mit Tunnelblick arbeitet. Nicht alle Ideen sind so gut gelungen wie andere. Manche Gesangspartie ist ordinär und sehr schlicht, und die Arrangements nicht nur eines Refrains lassen Idee und Raffinesse total vergessen. Dennoch, die Vielfalt auf "RewoToweR" ist überraschend und ‚Profusion' nicht als Jazz-Tendenz, sondern als World-, Rock-, Pop- und Metal-Fusion zu verstehen.”

“Winston: Een Italiaans / Georgisch collectief met de naam Profusion lanceert ‘Rewotower’ onder de ProgRock Records vlag. Meteen deed de band me aan Transatlantic en Spock’s Beard denken, en ook The Flower Kings en Sieges Even hoor ik terug. Dat houdt in ieder geval veel variatie en hoge kwaliteit in wanneer je deze bands als referentie aangeeft? Jazeker. Zanger Luca Latini neemt het voortouw met zijn heldere stem en de vier muzikanten die hem bijstaan volgen kunstig. Grappig gedaan is de dubbele volgorde, zoals je de titel twee kanten kunt oplezen zo kun je dat ook met de tracklist. Maar het gaat uiteindelijk om de muziek en die is het ProgRock Records label meer dan waardig. Veel toetsen in het overall geluid maar nergens overheersend en de ritme sectie vult elkaar goed aan zonder Mike Portnoy achtige aandachttrekkerij van drummer Vladimer Lado Sichinava. Dit zijn de prog rock platen die de frisse wind zijn in de lawine van releases.”

“Bombastic prog metal is what is here, but without sounding to metal, more towards the eclectic side of it, with plenty of memorable passages where the guitar and keybords make the law. Some stellar musicianship on Treasure Island where the prog/fusion metal is at the highest calibre like the bands name Prog meets Fusion is all about here. very nice album, very fat solid sound, and is very nice that they come back with a great second release and not falling in the category of the bands with one album released and then gone into oblivion. 4stars again, one of the top albums from this year and why nor in last years aswell.”

“What I like very much is that the instrumental sections are very complex and very tight, going from prog metal with jazz fusion elements like an ex on the best piece of the album J.C. Maxwell, the first 4 min of the piece are killer, stunning performance from the musicians to a more eclectic side of prog with slightly prog metal elements interluded, very much sounde like a cross between band ACT and another italian prog band Lie Tears. Creative arrangemnts, competent musicians, a really shing star in modern prog music and a damn fine debute album. Recommended for sure to anyone intrested to discover fresh new bands from prog music. 4 stars easy, all pieces are strong , no weak moments only highlights.”

“All musicians did their utmost which resulted in eleven strong compositions. Most of these songs are catchy with fine riffs and the many outstanding solos on the electric guitars and synthesizers make sure that the listener has enough to enjoy. I won't go in detail about all the individual tracks, but some of them need some extra attention like Treasure Island, a catchy prog metal tune based on an old pirate song. Drummer Vladimer Sichinava sings the 'pirate' part in style and provides the song with a special sound. This also applies to So Close But Alone. This nice ballad includes strong Latin rhythms and a short acoustic guitar solo in the same style. Tkeshi and Chuta Chani have to be mentioned as well, because these two pieces are adaptations of Georgian folk themes. RewoToweR is an excellent album full of virtuosity! The album really is a pleasure to listen to. Therefore it's highly recommended to people who like prog metal with a lot of variety.”

“On its second LP, RewoToweR, Italian newcomers Profusion display their cleverness right off the bat by using a palindrome for a title. Fortunately, the music contained within is also quite noteworthy. While some of the usual progressive metal conventions are present, the group incorporates enough experimentation and conceptual continuity to make the record slightly more exceptional than most.”

“After listening this album I can say that it is a very good one. Not for just a limited group of listeners; anyone may find something to his liking and give this album a try. The strong compositions and the overall good musicianship make Rewotower deserve a four star rating.”

“Italy has an abundance of progressive acts. Here's Profusion and their second effort, Rewotower. There's a certain familiarity here, an intersection of sorts of classic prog, melodic rock, and rock fusion. Rather impressive is Gionatan Caradonna's keyboard work. It can be a playful and colorful use of synths as on Ghost House, or delightful piano on So Close But Alone. Also notable is Luca Latini's vocals which have a benignly compelling soulful side, adding a unique dimension to the songs.”

“Anspieltipps: Der Opener Ghost House, ein mitreissender Uptemporocker; So Close But Alone – mit spanischem Flair auf Tangobene; Chuta Chani – ein Song mit Metal-und Folkeinflüssen der Laken, ein Volk, dass sich in Teilen von Dagestan, Georgien und der Türkei angesiedelt hat; The Tower, ein zweiteiliges ProgEpos mit atemberaubenden Darbietungen von sämtlichen Musikern sowie das abschliessende Dedalus Falling. Fazit: Eine positive Ueberraschung. Kein Wunder hat das amerikanische Label ProgRock Records die Band unter Vertrag genommen.”

“Ensuite, le piano classique et un chant posé introduiront un tango acoustique où le travail au piano et à la guitare acoustique sera d'un bon niveau. Courte plage ensuite où la mandoline et le violoncelle introduiront, en final, des choeurs Incas. Le violon et la section rythmique ouvriront alors pour un power-métal qui s'apaisera vers un heavy-métal FM où les synthés seront très présents. Nouveau passage d'armes entre un métal-progressif et de la soul-musique, celui-ci fera son petit effet sur l'auditeur. Une composition qui présentera une belle orchestration ! Pour la suite des opérations, le rock-progressif complexe et la ballade acoustique se suivront sur deux belles compositions, avant de finaliser cet opus par un métal-progressif bien structuré.”

“La band nasce nel 2002 e dopo un assestamento di line up, inizia una ricca attività live in giro per l’italia. Tra cui primeggia il Most Rock che si svolse a Siena, il 21 giugno 2009. Palco condiviso con Dgm e Vision Divine, nello stesso periodo entra a far parte della band il nuovo chitarrista Thomas Laguzzi, che sostituisce Alberto Riggi. Dopo un primo album autoprodotto uscito nel 2006 arriva adesso per l'americana Prog Rock Records questo "Rewotower".”

“The album is highly enjoyable and contains some very captivating melodies in particular "Chuta Chani" remains fixed in the listener's mind for hours after the listen, also thanks to the excellent production of the whole album.”

“Véritable coup de cœur de ce début d’année 2012, RewoTower est d’une fraicheur qui sied parfaitement à la saison. Tout dans cet album élégant semble avoir été pensé et calibré au millimètre tout en laissant une large place à ce supplément d'âme qui fait souvent défaut chez de nombreux groupes. Pour toutes ces raisons, RewoTower est clairement un très sérieux prétendant au titre de disque de l’année.”

“I never tire of saying it? I think it's an excellent album, full of virtuosity, imaginative and super quality and should not go long for fans of Rock / Heavy Progressive. Visit the website of the band buy their two albums as well be contributing to that in a while we have another wonder one CD who will be the successor of this magnificent RewoToweR.”

“Suoni pulitissimi di “Ghost House” ci introducono a “RewoToweR” esordio dei decisamente interessanti Profusion, prog metal band sulla scia di Andromeda e Threshold ma con un approccio più aperto e colluso con la tradizione hard rock più classica.”

“Overall, this is an incredibly solid album. With the exception of some slight missteps on "Treasure Island," there isn't a bad moment here, and there are a whole lot of good ones. While it does, in my opinion, fall just a bit short of masterpiece status, this is still a great album from a band that ought to be watched very carefully. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more from these guys. Highly, highly recommended.”

“No me cansaré de decirlo. Me parece un disco excelente, lleno de virtuosismo, calidad y súper imaginativo y no debería de pasar de largo para los amantes del Rock/Heavy Progresivo. Visitad la web de la banda comprad sus dos discos porque así estaremos contribuyendo a que dentro de algún tiempo tengamos otra maravilla que sea el sucesor de este magnífico RewoToweR.”

“Un disco maiuscolo, poco da dire. I Profusion sono pronti al salto tra i nomi importanti del progressive a livello mondiale, o forse lo hanno già fatto. Rimane solo la malinconia, quello strano sentimento di tristezza che ci coglie quando pensiamo a quella nave e a quella testa di maiale stampati sulla copertina di One Piece Puzzle, che ci avevano fatto capire che il prog non si trova nelle grandi etichette, o nei palazzoni dei vecchi dinosauri: il prog sta di casa dove decide lui, e ci rimane finché non vuole lui.”

“This Italian band came together in 2001 as a trio but soon expanded to the present quintet. Like any good prog band they bring together a wide array of styles and influences that come out the other side of the funnel as a sound that is uniquely their own.”

“Nomen omen. Chiamandosi Profusion, una band non può che evocare una connessione tra progressive e fusion. Ma probabilmente c'è anche dell'altro: quella "profusione" di suoni a cascata tipica di tante formazioni prog, soprattutto quelle che veleggiano verso il metal e in generale verso l'hard sound. La band senese esprime entrambe le opzioni, consegnando a "Rewotower" un'idea di suono, una progettualità e una direzione.”

“It’s really amazing how the band managed to evolve since their debut album… I believe that the new guitarist along with the new voice brought a new fresh air to the band’s camp in general. The music became heavier and they also added influences from bands like: IQ, Arena, Marillion, Spock's Beard, Planet X, Dream Theater, and Porcupine Tree. Their new sound is truly much better than the one they used to have and I believe that by taking that new prog rock/metal path… they can achieve better things in their career.”

“Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – 15 November 2011 –"RewoToweR", the rise of a tower, a journey through its floors. On each floor a song and a new story to tell. Go up, go ahead, more and more. Until you reach the top, until you discover that you've arrived, but not where you wanted or presumed to. Until you discover that the journey has just changed you and you found that you are ready to start again, that you just reached a new starting point. The new Profusion album deals with this ascending path into a spiral of musical genres: rock, metal, progressive rock, fusion, pop. An innovative work, which also sees the participation of the guitarist Simon Hosford (T.Emmanuel Band, On The Virg). A great work made up of experimentation, built on the research for new languages and new sounds.”

“Every song is excellent, but my favorite is “Chuta Chani”, which opens with a nice violin section, before the band unleashes the heaviest riff of the album, then quiets down again for the verses and chorus. The song continuously alternates between the two styles, and shows both the relaxing, often beautiful melodic side of the band, and the more intense metal side, which only comes out on a few of the songs. These two sounds blend together very nicely, making for an unforgettable track that stands as the highlight of the album. It also shows that while Luca is always very good, his voice is much more suited to the softer sections, as sometimes on the heavier parts he gets a little carried way, while at the quieter points he is very pleasant. He also has a very thick accent, though that isn’t a problem for me.”

“Quando la varietà è perfettamente ed evidentemente riconducibile all’unità? Ovvio, nel caso di un puzzle da un solo pezzo. E leggendo questo inizio non si creda che il sottoscritto voglia prodigarsi in un elogio al debutto dei suoi corregionali Profusion con strumenti così poveri, quasi fosse un sofista da baraccone. Davvero arduo doveva essere trovare un titolo migliore di questo per i 54 minuti di musica qui contenuti: e lo stesso vale per l'artwork. Come ci parla la copertina! Rustica, casereccia certo, ma non meno esplicativa: vi è raffigurata una scena che cammina sul filo del surreale, col rischio di cadere nell'abisso del non-sense. Una nave che sotto il suo peso crepa una scacchiera sospesa in aria e, poco lontani, una gigantesca pallina da golf, un icaro acefalo, un piatto colmo di brodo che ospita un nuotatore e una paffuta testa di porco. Con un artwork così, immaginate la curiosità che cresce dentro...”

“RewoToweR is a truly enjoyable listen. The incorporation of so many diverse and disparate musical styles come together quite well at the hands of these seasoned musicians. There’s always the chance when you pull from such diverse sources that the compositions can sound disjointed, but here Profusion make it seem easy and fun. The general upbeat nature of the music makes it a pleasure to come back to over and over again. Great stuff – fans of proggy styled Art Rock should definitely take note of this band.”

“The beginning of 2012 sees Profusion release their sophomore creation. Band was formed in 2002 and presented debut album "One Piece Puzzle" in 2006. It means band had 6 years to write and record "RewoToweR", and we can see the time has been used very efficiently, and dare I say, wisely. The album offers us energetic music, having heavy Neo Prog / Prog Metal base and enriched with Profusion (pun intended) of various very different styles and influences. Besides rich and melodic prog, listener can find Georgian Folk, Jazz, orchestrations, Latin rhythms, and even some Soul influences (brought about by the new vocalist) throughout album. All this said, album sounds absolutely cohesive and organic; it seems that Sichinava and friends have put thought in composition and arrangements throughout more than half a decade.”