Meatbox / Press

"Meatbox is destined to break big with its slew of jammed packed tasty raw powered morsels"

Genny Glen - CMJ - (College Music Journal)

" I got your Pride floored me with its giant hooks, flickering melodic hooks and grating vocals"

Rob Dell - Gavin Report - The Most Trusted Name in Radio

“The lyrics go something like: "Big pickle. Popsicle. I want to like it. I want to love it..." (something something something) then chorus: "I want to love you from the inside out... (repeat)" I heard it on the radio a few times in junior high - I remember the dj saying it was a band called "Meat Box" or something similar, but endless google searches (and Yahoo! too ;) ) have left me with nothing. Was hoping somebody just knows the song. I'm guess it was being played around '95/'96. Please help me so I can get this song out of my head and sleep at night! Thanks! RP”

“I LOVE Tennesee Square. It's like nothing else.”