The Sorely Missed / Press

"Where so many singer/songwriters strive for relevance or posture unconvincingly, Marc Barnhill's songs carry the weight of conviction and the confidence of seasoned craft."

Qtr Note

"There's a lot of good indie music out there, but Marc Barnhill's mix of catchy tunes, strikingly disparate production elements, and probing self-examination make for a winning combination."

Alloy Radio

"For sheer craft, Barnhill is simply one of the very best lyricists and songwriters around."

CD Baby

"Solid songs, beautiful harmonies, and thoughtful performances. Marc Barnhill is an outstanding artist."

CD Universe

"Levels above your average New York folkie fare: literate, perceptive, heartbreaking stuff."


"Honesty, humor, sensitivity and intelligence collide with irresistible tunes in Marc Barnhill's internal soundscape."


"Marc Barnhill is a Greenwich Village favorite and a first-class songwriter. His songs are something special, and you really have to listen."

The Listening Room

"If ever Beck jams with the Allman Brothers at Billy Joel's house, they'll probably produce something that sounds like what's on this record. Let's just hope they get Barnhill to write the lyrics."

BUY Music

"More like a greatest hits album than a first CD, BLUE TIME offers memorable tunes and smart lyrics, thoughtfully assembled. A strong debut."

Audio Lunchbox

"The songs are a tuneful blend of acoustic folk and bouncy pop with atmospheric arrangements....The result is a mix of energetic mood explorations and quiet intensity, harmonic and haunting."

Tower Records

"[With] great songs, excellent lyrics and tight harmonies, and rich textured vocal technique, Marc Barnhill wows the crowd."

Underground Music Online

"Most impressive are the moments when the sound and sense of the songs really work together....And amidst all the wordplay come these quiet, understated moments of real empathy....This is smart stuff, and no less evocative for being smart."

Sonic Garden

"An unusual and special collection of songs....Some of it's funny and much of it is sad, and all of it is almost painfully direct; there's no wasted space..."


"Barnhill demonstrates a penchant for smart, emotional songs and lean, unaffected presentation."

New York Songsmiths

"Wordiness never eclipses actual personal insight....Metaphors pile up until the compression squeezes out diamonds of recognition...which is to say that Barnhill does what any good songwriter is supposed to do: he pays attention."


"Marc Barnhill's music is like a freshly squeezed orange...You wake up and pour yourself a fresh glass of O.J. and look out the window and it's a beautiful sunny day. That's Marc's music."


"On repeated listens, Marc Barnhill's BLUE TIME yields unexpected pleasures....The overall effect is one of serious, almost literary attention to emotional detail, of poetry without pretension."

Whisperin & Hollerin

"...a beautiful mixture of harmony and profoundly romantic and soulful lyrics. Marc Barnhill is a man no guy would want at a bonfire. His voice is smooth and his guitar playing is sweet and delicate."