Eric Reitz / Press

"Eric sings... like... I don't want to say an angel, because that might throw off his manliness factor, but he does. He has the voice of angel"

“I always say that to make it as a singer/songwriter you must have two things, a good voice and good songs. Fortunately Mr Reitz have those two things. The first song out, "Cumberland" sets the tone and it is a nice mid-tempo acoustic based song. Reitz sings great and his voice sounds a little bit like Joshua James sometimes, and that is never a bad thing in my book! Overall the quality of the songs is high and it does not sound like this is an independent release. Third song, "Carolina" is the song that sticks in my head. It is a simply great song, with a nice sound a great chorus. Other good songs are "Throwaway", "Dublin" and "Cumberland". The last songs, "Lunar Lonely" also deserves a mention. There are some songs that are not as good as the rest of them, but as said, overall this is a good album. Eric Reitz is a very talented artist and I am looking forward following him in the future. But for now "12 (South)" is a great introduction from a promising artist!”