Billy O'Con / Press

“Natchitoches native and master guitarist Billy O'Con has gathered many credits to his musical prowess over the years. O'Con was named, as of Sept.7th, 2009, A finalist in the international "John Lennon Song Writing Contest." Robert Laangpap, owner of RML Films,Inc of Hollywood, Calif., called to congratulate O'Con on his latest success saying, This is great, Billy. Another big one, but, after working with you on the the Croce film, nothing you do would surprise me. Laangpap and O'Con worked together in 2001 on the production of "Jim Croce: Last Night In Natchitoches." The documentary, an essay on Croce's last concert and death in Natchitoches, won Best Music Documentary in the New York International Film Festival. O'Con was honored for playing the role of Jim Croce and nailing Jim's music, according to Terry Cashman and Tommy West, producers of Croce's music.O'Con is well known throughout LA,TX,ARK, and OK for his lead vocals and guitar work.”

Sheila Barron - The Natchitoches Times