“Alias John Brown does it again with his latest addition to the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE franchise checkout WWW.ALIASJOHNBROWN.COM”

“Of the standouts, Alias John Brown commanded the stage all on his own. With no hype-men to pump up the crowd, he performed one solid rap after the other”

“We also push Alias John Brown who is from Chicago but transplanted to the Bay. His freestyle shits on most niggas writtens. ”

“After grinding in the Bay for the past three years, Chicago native Alias John Brown has cranked up his buzz due to a recent tour with André Nickatina and this 24-track anthology of new songs, singles, and freestyles.”

“AJB charts an independent course, eschewing brand-name filler and dull bling in favor of timeless hip-hop themes, Instead of jumping on the yellow bus for local cred, AJB never once cries "hyphy,"”

“keep yo own style ,don’t run away from it! we got alot of niggas raw dogging the game ,having a baby with the game and then giving that muthafucka up for adoption, nigga that’s still yo child !you don’t give up on yo child ,so don’t give up on yo shit . ”

“Some of you may be familiar with Alias John Brown from mixtapes, but I happen to know him from hustlin' outside AT&T Park 24/7. He's a cool cat to chill with pre or post game and he comes hard on the track.”