1:00AM Project / Press

"Reconstruction is an innovative work that is soothing on the soul...quality content that intentionally projects an image or story, but is by design, easy on the spiri."

"...The instrumental songs by the 1:00AM Project illustrate a story without words, listen to the songs intently. Close your eyes and with the introduction of each new instrument another level of the story will play out in your minds eye."

“5/4/2012 ''...The 1:00AM Project, however, likens its sound more closely to artists like Andreas Vollenweider, Jean-Luc Ponty, David Arkenstone and Art of Noise, with an influence best described as a fusion of many genres – jazz, New Age, techno, ambient and world music. In both technique and sound, 1:00AM Project is also reminiscent of 1980s synth composers like Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, who have recently come back into vogue with the popularity of the soundtrack to the movie Drive, which leaned heavily on the style and music of many of these same artists. We urge readers to check out 1:00AM Project’s new track, “After Midnight (1:00AM Tango),” featured on its upcoming September 2012 release, Post..."”