Grant Langston / Press

"Honest", "Well-Crafted", "Excellent"

Desert Star News

"There’s a fiesty, witty, independent streak to Grant Langston that ensures he is nobody’s musical clone."

Parc Bench

"The Bakersfield sound is alive and well in the hands of Langston."

Twang Nation

"Pure and Honest", "Infectious", "Stunning"

Three Chords And The Truth (UK)

"Money Well Spent", "If given the choice between the new CD's by Grant Langston or Dwight Yoakam, I would pick Langston."

Spencer Leigh - Country Music People (UK)

"Perfect Blend of Tradition and Modern", "Uncompromising"

Country Jukebox (UK)

“Up to this point, the press and critics have been dancing all around nouns and adjectives regarding Grant Langston’s music, but I say it’s progressive country, and I say the hell with the rest of my maundering critical peers ’cause that’s the musical county line where Merle first turns back to head to Austin, and the Eagles then travel to SoCal, leaving Langston to tool down the highway with his rockin’, rollickin’, bootscootin’, salt-of-the-earth tavern troubadoring right behind Dwight and Stevie Earle.”

"Kicks Major Ass", "Smash", "The result totally packs a punch with a W-I-D-E popular appeal. Pop-Rock-Country-Americana at its finest."


"It’s got a great blend of high energy foot stompers, a few tear jerkers, and yeah, a little bit of that Bakersfield sound here and there."

The Americana Music Show