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“You really seem to have a grasp on older forms of indigenous American music.”

Taxi Music

“Really enjoyed wallowing in your authentic sounding music!”

Taxi Music

“Jim Duff' and The Necessities' newest CD, Rise Up. is a rich blend of roots, blues, funk and country rock. Drawing from this panoply of sounds, they have given us a fresh and meaty collection of songs from the title cut, Rise Up, to songs coming out of Duff's day to day experience like Waiting on the Check, their is a real smoothness that might be expected from a far more seasoned musician. Well worth it, Rise up is chocked full of rooted tunes. Familiar, but fresh. ”

Robert Hicks - New York Times bestselling author of Widow of the South

“The tight, ten songs on his new album surely reflect more Clapton and Black Crows, though. Duff and the Necessities don’t dither endlessly in long jams. “It’s tough to get a complete thought across in three minutes,” Duff said, but all of the cuts on the album deliver the goods quickly.”

“Jim Duff and the Necessities are a band whose music includes hints of blues, rock and jazz, along with traditional country. The majority of the band’s members live in Nashville, Tenn. Duff and his son Waylon are the only two Danville residents in the band.”

“Jim Duff and the Necessities are a four-piece band that hails from Kentucky. Their music is melting pot of blues, soul, classic rock and traditional country.”

"We want music to be as real as we can get it without taking away from the sound, and besides, I'm really picky about my music.