shirlette and the dynamite brothers / Press

"After they ordered veggie-burger sliders (his) and pimento cheese (hers), she began to explain the origins of her new album of soul, funk, hip-hop and more, And Lovers Like, which features backing by local journeymen the Dynamite Brothers and a cornucopia of guest stars. But then she broke off mid-sentence to trade slang with a tattooed passerby who may or may not have been a shaved bear. (Dude was burly.) “I’m politicking,” she said, indicating the journalist. People, this is official: Shirlette Ammons is on her grind."

“The EP reaches its peak when Ammons' powerful message meets equally powerful music in a seven minute version of the Justin Robinson’s “Kissin’ and Cussin’.” The added rap verses, bass, background singers and effects transform a haunting song into a spellbinding epic.”

"A diverse profile of literary figures will speak at White Lecture Hall this Friday. “Out in the South: Writers in Conversation” brings Dorothy Allison, Shirlette Ammons, Jim Grimsley and Minnie Bruce Pratt together to read from their pieces and converse. Though the authors’ work runs the gamut from memoir to poetry to music, all share the commonality of being queer-identified and from North or South Carolina."

““I always feel a lil under-qualified to do a ‘best of’ list,” [Shirlette] says. “So I just compiled a list of albums based on personally-selected criteria.””

“Writer and musician Shirlette Ammons is not afraid of intimacy. Her poems and songs are like diary pages that she invites audiences to flip through at their leisure.”

“Preview of Shirlette and the Dynamite Brothers: "If you scared just say it"”

“A new collaboration lets Shirlette Ammons finally speak on sex”

“Shirlette Ammons and the Dynamite Brothers team up”