AudioSapian / Press

“Love what I hear. Very ambient and soothing.”

Experimenting With Dawn

“Hey! wonderful music! I love everything strange, cosmic unreal, original! And as a designer must say that I love your blue symbol identity.”

Inna Vinchenko Design

“I love the sound you've got. Unique. Weird.”

Reorganizing Perceptions

“Tone of destructive beauty: Only something to expect from Audiosapian.”


“Fallin and Evolution of Groove, are great...man, its tough to wrap my head around the music...great...”


“Evolution of groove is absolutely ridiculous. Superb work”

Young Q

“excellent percussion! I love the vocal drop in the 30 sec mark hot hot hot "distant meadows" is legit!”

La Unica Music™

“you're killing it. this is beautiful stuff”


“futuretastic freaky sounds - I LOVE IT!!”


“Top notch, creative & chillaxin' vibe. Def a favorite!”

Spare Me Felix

“Really nice, very original. Unique and blissful.”


“Love your futuristic style!!!”

Improvised Explosive Device

“Waiting on a Moonbeam, is awesome, it reminds me of a CD I have by a group called Slide 5!! I love it!”


"Evolution of Groove" is fascinating. Love what you're doing! Definately a sound of your own

Albion Cross

“Ur are a gifted gift on this planet!”

♪♫▫▫ȽƪƵƵŶ ɃȽʘИƉƐ▫▫♫♪

“Distant Meadows takes me away bro, magnificent work and scape in all your songs, thanks for the escape”

Aero Vektor

“Distant Meadows and Waiting On A MoonBeam really resonate with me :) Kewl stuff here...I just felt my eardrums change one at a time....”


“There's a sexy mystique here that i really dig.”

Marlo Mischief

“You create an atmosphere that pulls you in and mesmerizes...really excellent music. I will be listening to this when my crop of mushrooms comes in”

J.D. and the Chasers

“Absolutely amazing!”

Syuzanna Kaso

“sophisticated and refreshingly original ... twists and weaves like a dream ...”

Daz Wedgwood

“Definitely chillbient. Diggin your music brother.”

Dope Logic* an AnTones Production

“Very Hypnatizing Music. Kinda hard to stop listening to.”


“Love "Depth of a Seeker"!”

Jagstar Muse

“Hey. I've really enjoyed a listening sample of your collection here... a great range of sounds, styles and studio techniques, yet they all fit together nicely. Anyone who has the time should listen to more than just the few songs on the front page - and then BUY some!”

Craig Shaw Music Producer

“melodic ...haunting vocals ...right on electronica ...really really nice mix ...love it x 10”

Cliff Jordan

“Brilliant tracks! Superbly crafted and really original sound! Love your music! Fallin is a fantastic song!”

Lucks Lane

“Very chill thinking music,”

Liquidclear Recordings

“Loving your beautiful music and enjoying the vibes !”

L.O. Crocodile

“Deep, unique style,”

Blazej Olszewski

“Really dig your music! Total quality.”

Jay Stern

“Hypnotic vocals and rhythms... Beautiful!”


“Beautiful universe... Beautiful...”

Planets Citizens

“The world you create is captivating.God has definitely blessed you. I look forward to working together 1 day.”



Captain Amazing and the Okay I Guesses

“I love the gorgeous vocals on "Distant Meadows". The music is so chill and transient”


“Audio Awesome!”

Members Only

“Sounds like the soundtrack to a lucid dream.. so sharply vivid.”

Out Chasing Lions

“Great music, takes me away to another place, very creative”

Emmas Ringer

“Hi Audiosapian..I'm here..and lovin your music~!”


“Awesome Name! Awesome tunes!”

bella brutto

“consider me part of your movement”


“Hypnotic vibes. Diggin it!”


“goodness me, amazing music you have here”


“Impressive atmospheric sounds!”

Diane Hess

“I love listening to your chillin music so serene and cool!”


“your b3autifuL !”

Kristopolees Moon

“Really enjoyed all the music-fantastic!!! like the techno experimental beats & melodies mixed w/ spoken word! Your music has truly been an inspiration to me.”


“Atmospheric grooves with a darker bent make for a hypnotic and meditative experience.”

Wave Hello Machine

“Great songs, I like your style! By the way, your track "Fallin" it's fantastic!!!”

Razvan Stroie

“Wonderful ambient sounds; creates a lovely mood and soothing aural landscape to dwell in!”


“Amazing, eclectic tracks. Love the beautiful 'Distant Meadows'. Class music”


“REAL laidback...smooth! I love it!!”


“My ears are in love with your music.... Absolute Trip...”


“Awesome Music Catalog Audiosapian.Embraced By A Day, takes me to the far away lands of the Orient.So Chilllll and Relaxing.”


“soooooo many great songs you have.”


“Great soundscapes ,smooth grooves...chilled indeed.”

Each Way

“Smooth and sensual.”

Drew Silky

“just beautiful.....reminicent of Portishead......big love ....RTS.......x”


“Distant Meadows is gorgeous!!! Great soundtrack, great vocals by Kelly. Fab work”


“The time where ideals meet revolution in music. Audiosapian is a cornerstone.”


“your sound truly transcends thank you for the ride!”

Nature's Gangster

“wow awesome music, your music is inspiration for others, i loved them a lot....”


“stepping into the future "distant meadows" awesome to groove with you and Kelly ~ swe-eeet!”


“Enjoyed the Sounds. Waiting on A Moon Beam was a cool Ride...”

DNA 88

“brilliance here...”


“Great atmospheres! Especially like Walking on a Moon Beam!”

Redshift Machine

“Love the name, and the sound! You are definitely one talented creature”


“Great vibe on "Depth of a Seeker" -- classy and smoooove!”

The Tragic Clowns

“I adore the atmosphere you make through your music... Fantastic,”


“..Thank you for wrapping our world with your musical fabric...We spider ferns are suspended in your magical cocoon...Happy New to you...our most treasured friend....”

the spider ferns

“Your music is just wonderful. This is stuff I would listen to every day!”

Seamless KaBoom

“B e a u t i f u l. . .I could listen to this all day! Magical tracks!”

Slam Horse

“waiting on a moonbeam is a story waiting to happen... Distant Meadows, is mind altering, I enjoyed this selection of hits very much”

Mista Merc

“Audiosapian ! you must be from a different galaxy cause your music is from the heavens”

Random Wishes

“You most definitely have a unique sound.”

Megan Myles

“love the chillness of your sound its relaxing”

Def Crayz

“Distant Meadows is a GREAT song! The flow reminds me of SADE's band SWEETBACK.”


“Listening to Waiting on a Moon Beam...lovely title, spacey sound.”

Catalina Olea

“Scarily chilly is distant meadows”


“beautiful music”


“Really particular & ethereal atmospheres, we love them!”


“beautiful ... soul soothing ... wings-building”

Lamb in Wolfskin Music

“Giving respect where it is most certainly deserved. Stopping by to visit a legendary friend and blasting his tracks!”


"My eardrums are so much hipper from listening today. Great grooves!!!!! "

Joani Taylor

"Ah, Fallin at 1:47 is just killing me. Great beats. Keep up the killer work and I wish you all the best.

Infinite Ego / Prominent Citizen

"Great Sonic Spaces here... "

Music AutOmatiK

"Ultra smooth vibes ~ makes a cool change ~

Andrew Austin

"Very eclectic style! I like it! "

Candida Kandinskij

"Great music, great arrangements, superb producer. Great work mate。"


“Nicely done. A different vibe is hidden in each beat. Each song had me wondering in what part of the music world we were going to journey to next. loving the trip. Keep making the magic..”

Barbarian Wizard

"Very nice. Definitely Chillbient. "

Lindy LaFontaine

"Incredible Music, I am hooked. 'spect "

Chairman Maocat

"memories of you ~ really nice mix ~ positive vibes to you "


“ "Our ear drums will never be the same!!! Waiting on a MoonBeam * ”


"...continuously enjoyable..'evolution of groove' is just sublime!..wonderful work...cheers! "


"Such a great sound you have. My kind of soul music. Much love "

Bitch House 20/20

“great atmo and sound .. " ”

Light in Sence

"Fallin is a great song...cool vibe..sweet :) "


“So cool! Perfectly rhythmic and still atmospheric, absolutely beautiful.”

The Zoo Incident

“gorgeous music!!!!”

Melody Joy

"You make a convincing argument--you see, we are not fans of drum & bass generally. Yet you have nevertheless gained our attention with your rich chilled-out soundscapes. We very much enjoyed listening to your set. You are doing a new thing with an old heart it seems. "Waiting On A Moonbeam" took us right back to the chillout rooms of early 90's raves"

Transcendental Desecration

“Evolution Of Groove...Crazy...I LOVE THIS !”


"Feelin the dnb sounds! Glad I now know ^_^ "


“Innovative music compositions - this is my like style. Great project!”

Guitarist David Prince

“Great production and mix on the sounds.Great listening experience!”

Jeff Harvey

“Awesome music! Very unique!”

Maxine Soakai

“A1 fantastic! Love the brooding sounds, stylish rhythms and atmospheric vibes!”

Joanna Melas

“Dynamic and fabulous!”

Paul Amirault

“You're awesome!! :)”




“Very smooth & enticing!”

Lesley Watt

“AWWWSome ! really enjoying the sounds ! see why you have your chart spot very alluring music !”

Suzanna Kay

“Cool soundscapes:)”


“Cool Sound with lots of Creativity !”

Peggy Leyva Conley

"Fallin"" is a gem! so rich with atmosphere,


“I am so loving what I'm hearing! Keep that art up and doing it with love”

Justin Mb.

“Great sound!!! 'Evolution Of Groove' is awesome, we also digged 'Miss Faded Glory' a lot!!! ”

Berthe Trépat

“YOU have a sound like no other”

Money In Bundles

“Great music and style. Love the drums and smooth, relaxing music!”

Zhenanne LePard

“Unique! Super Cool sounds!! Evolution of Groove....great vibes...nice work!”

The Fores

“Love your style!”


“Imaginative, artistic and unique.”

Carol Ichinose

“Cool and innovative music!”

Simon Husberg

“The groove of your music, literally gives me chills”

Jamal Plummer

“Soundtrack journey of the world dissolved into sound. Movement and stillness, shouts and silence. Everyday heard through an audio prism.”

Embers of Autumn

“Fantastic. Welcome to what happens to music when pop leaves the room. This is wonderful!”


“Very suggestive and intense atmospheres....”

Biff - the band

“mutli-dimensional. keep presenting new worlds.”

Yafe Aros

“Love the liquid Drum&Bass vibe. Well-arranged and produced.”


“Sophisticated, fresh, great listen.”


“Creative, artisic, soul shaping music. Very cool. Love the Evolution of Groove. The minutes just flew by listening to your work.”

Michael Frazier

“A very advanced sound and excellent song-writing. This is GREAT stuff! ”

The Professor and Naomi Kay

“Incredible sounds...compelling grooves.I simply can't say enough good things about your work. Simply, sublimely brilliant. ”

Morrison's Prophecy

“Different, classy, meditative,unspoken, creative, smooth, Well, I love it.”

Self Xplanatory

“truly unique, chilly breazy stuff here!!”

The PhysicistS

“the layers, mods, rhythms - we're liking it!”


“Very dark and artistic, love your music!”

Samantha Jay Music

“trippin on the groove groovin on the chill chillin on the trip my interdimmentional friend ”

Ballpeen Hammer

“Dope! Dope! Dope! Luv what I'm hearing...Stone cold jammin'!...”

Sounds 4 Da Masses

“Great work, very creative.”


“Fallin is a magnificent soundscape. Brilliant stuff.”

Sills & Smith

“cool etherical ambient sound...”

Ric McNaughton

“you have great songwriting skills!!”

Jim Marcotte

“I love your work!”


“some of the most creative sounds and powerfull patterns ive heard in drum and bass-real poetic feel-dope”


“Great work here. I suggest everyone press 'play all' and enjoy!”

the Smokering

“Cool very creative. ”


“My dear wonderful friend, Always great music! outstanding!”

Ryo Utasato

“Really atmospheric music, I'm loving it. ”

The Light Bearer

“Love the groove”


“My eardrums are definitely changed :) Great tracks! ”


“Too smooth man, gotta love it! ”

Larry Thepoet

“Sooooo Chiillll...I can't get enough of your muzik cuz, keep the audio bliss coming!! ”

Aero Vektor

“Loving your output both audio and visual”


“Best DnB I've heard in awhile! ”

Greg MacLachlan

“Listening to Fallin at midnight is just about the most chillaxing thing one can do at midnight.”

Ariana Chavez

“Really dig the music, man. Particularly "Last December."”

Quinten Cohen

“Spine Tinglin”

Anunnaki Child

“Signs of a truly gifted artist are evident here! Love your music in my eardrums! ”


“Great production, "Fallin" is really enchanting ”

Alice & Björn

“Captivating... ”

King Figures

“We all seek adventures, and all adventures come with an atmosphere. So who is providing these atmospheres? It's the hooded alchemist of sound called Audiosapian. From drum and bass to outer space this is all one needs. Nothing but respect from here brotha”


“Absolutely superb look and sound. Your CRUMB CAKE SHUFFLE has torqued my brain awake. Finally, grooves that cut, clean, crisp and with hard honesty through the genre clutter to grab my ears and soul. Audiosapian is subversion of the highest order. ”

David Namerow

“Whatever chillbient might be - it sounds excellent. Great unique songs with a jazzy touch. Loving the ear journey here. Keep up the fab work.”


“Wicked Groove”

Joe DaWulf Noir

“great sound quality. great music! ”


“I want to be part of this movement you speak of ”

Secondhand Reggae Band

“Inspired by Audiosapian's "Evolution of Groove": ”

Alicia nOVA

“Hey! Give me some of that "CRUMB CAKE SHUFFLE"!!”



Jet Scrander

“What an incredible journey, can't wait to hear more!”

Markell Robinson

“Grate production skills. Stay original and innovative. Peace, love, respect, and just awesome stuff here man. ”

Aaron Cortez

“keepin' u on my radar, luv <3 ”

Elena Charis

“Freaking awsome music dude. Keep up the raw dnb vibes.”


“You make me move. ”

Sweatshop Worker

“Banging beats and a great style- I Am(Wisdom Remix) rocks it! ”

Jason Mythos

“Great tracks! Ecletic taste!”


“dude you are ridiculous, totally had me flying in the dream world listening to it last night before i went to sleep”

Ryan the Lion

“One of our favorites on Reverb. Excellent electronic sounds going on here”


“Much Respect ~ Brilliant Artistry”

Lord Of Spirits

“i love you.... ”

Jennifer Guillory

“Fallin is brilliant. Incredible sounds you have going on here. Nice work! Lots of respect for your talent. ”

Unheard Vision

“Very cool, unique sound! ”

Michael Farrell

“What a thrill to ride every beat and instrument in each song. So well done Your fan ”

Kit Mann

“Brilliant rhythymic colation. Beautiful details. A most enjoyable synaptic journey!!! ”


“I'm really lovin' your muse... ”

Spooky Kool

“Great vibe here!..consider my eardrums changed!”

Russell A. Worrell

“Excellent tunes, I have no works to describe your excellent work !!!!!!!”

DJ Antonio

“sick beats ”

Space Junkie

“You got your own style”

Clearview Entertainment

“great vibes:) ”


“beautiful music”


“Nice soundlandscapes!!! KEEP IT FLOWING... ”

Tjänsteman &amp; Trötte Theodor

“great soundz here, interesting and original, big ups on your stuff!!!”

TR21 a.k.a. Pino Girotti

“good vibrations! loving crumb cake shuffle!!!”


“You have a very unique and rich sound!”


“Wicked tunes!”


“Killer grooves my friend”

The Flow Within

“Excellent music, you are a great musician who hypnotizes all your fan with your tunes.”

DJ Antonio

“..great works..these are really interesting intense atmosphere...”


“This is some really great stuff! I find it very unique!”

Luis Chacon

“love ya frequency ...”

Daz Wedgwood

“Listening to your tracks once again cause one cannot refuse to. Excellent work as always. ”


“Enjoying your superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska

“Brilliant !! I love It !! ”

The Billy Button Alternative

“Your work is dynamic, deep and contains a spirituality that absorbs the listener. The parts of your tracks definitely create the sum of the whole. Progressive, original and fearless.”


“I love the way you cut cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with grooves that slice directly to the heart with honest power. Finally, music with teeth, heart and soul!”

David Namerow

“I'm really diggin your stuff man. Especially that I Am (Wisdom Mix).”

Lyrical Quest

“Fallin has a fantastic vibe and it takes you mentally to a place where you could just stay -loved it!”

Route 64

“Very groovy/chill stuff here”


“Big up Audiosapian he's a master at what he does.”

Doc Bomz

“The ears of England are listening to you! we shall listen on the beaches, in the fields, on the streets, we shall listen on the hills and we shall never surrender our support, we shall continue the struggle to empower your music”


“Playing Evolution of Groove. Fine track here. Representing the best of NYC...gold rings on ya ”

Joe - NYC Guitarist

“Somethin has always grabbed me about upright bass with hard hits. Evolution of Groove definitely sets that in motion. ”


“Creative work here & interesting”

Sonya Stewart

“You have such an amalgamation of different sounds and genres together..amazing music !! very unique for sure !!! Love your work :)”

Hillbilly Dix

“My eardrum's being changed : )”

Angry Clown

"Evolution Of Groove" is such an original and friggin' cool track! REALLY love what you do!


“I'm really lovin Fallin! ”

Joyce Pierce

“i love your songs man and your profile pic is pretty sick to”

Elite Ghost

“This is very cool! ”

Robin Anthony Shaw

“Fabulous work,a second visit here is far from being enough,will be calling by frequently,great sounds,”

Johnny Bonkers

“Diggin ya style”

Gea Mase

“Waiting On A Moon Beam... yeah who is'nt. A perfect song for nights like these, when the darkness is opaque. Stars are hidden under a blanket of clouds, the snow eats the sound, only the howling wind is awake. One beam of silvery light and the scenery change from black to blueish white... Cheers”


“Real Real Good sound´s Dope !!!!! ”

Gelèe Royal

“so good!! ”

Joe Silva

"Waiting on a Moon Beam" is HOT!


“Really interesting vibrant trax”


“Just wanted to drop by and say that you've got something good goin here. There's nothin i respect more than individuality and the bravery of stepping into alien territory.”


“drowning ourselves in these triptastic beats and tunes. Evolution of ...Awesome!! ”


“Wonderfully atmospheric and ambient blend of d&b styles ya got there my friend.”

Lunar Dusk

“love your vibe ”

Beverly Judge

“Awesome tunes! ”



Anita Lynn

“it's kinda dark but mellow and edgy.”

Geraldine&#39;s Blanket

“This is some good no, god like chill techno. amazing ”

Transcendual Icarus Experience

“Inspired! ”


“Some freakin' awesome sounds here! Nice work! ”

The Ground Above

“very cool.. ”

Elsewhere and the Bumble fly

“Excellent unique style ! ”


“Awesome music!!”


“I like the mix of jazz with the beat. Great stuff! ”

Jon Rowell

“Very nice beats, very chill. Excellent.”


“Oh I love Waiting on a moonbeam.Your mysterious and beautiful music is amazing as well sweets :)”


“Love em all. Especially Evolution of a Groove. Herbie Hancock on steroids. ”

Grant Stott

"Waiting on a Moon Beam" has such a great chill vibe to it. Love your stuff!

System Fade

“Listening to I am again. I am is lovely ;¬) ”


“Incredible! ”

Chrissy McAnaney

“Very subtle, intelligent & impressive music !!! ”

Pyjama Devil

“SERIOUSLY diggin' your music! Great work. Keep it up! (Crumb Cake Shuffle....LOVE) : ) ”

Wendy Hayes

“Evolution!!!!!! of music congratulations my dear friend, creativity and energy love your music!!!! ”


“Loving your sounds what a good mixture of Drum and Bass and Lamb or something.... ”

The Cry Baby

“I love your music! "Fallin" is awesome!”

Jaki Song

“Love Evolution of Groove! It made me want to move in interesting ways. ”

Noise Flower

“I'm in love with your sound :) Waiting on a moonbeam is where its at my friend! Very chill and wonderful.”


“Excellent. Intricate and well thought out. Like! ”


“You have changed both my eardrums at the same time. When I heard the first track, I ran for my stereo ears because I knew this would be a magical journey. I was right..and you're amazing”

Delaney Simpson

“Great musical work with true Feelings in it!!! Love it!! ”

Castor Six

“Awesome.. =) Gorgeous sounds... =) ”


“Audiosapian..Is that Johnny Depp in the beginning of "I am"? I really enjoyed hearing the depth of that conversation..Love what you do”


“Love EVOLUTION OF GROOVE! Your music is refreshing. Love the funky jazzy trip hop sound. Fantastic job!”

The Major Tom Experiment

“Great chill -out sound - beautifully blended! ”

Caroline Ty

“Fabulous , love it!! ”

Chrissy McAnaney

“love the chill drum and bass sound...great mood music!”

Darin Masters

“Love this. I remember getting my first Future Sound of Jazz album and having a similar love-at-first-listen. ”

Kayt Lucas

“I remember Savoy Truffle. Its about time we had a good Crumb Cake Shuffle. Very cool beat & style. Love it. ”

Magnificat Sonnets

“...'i am (wisdom mix)'..what an extraordinary piece..tis not often a tune raises the hair on the back of my neck..'the truth within'...superb mate”


“Absolutely fantastic layers. Love the atmosphere you are creating. Cheers! ”

The White Noise Hypocrisy

“deep space cool ”


“Audiosapian love love love man/musician!!! ”

the th0ught pr0v0ker

"Evolution of Groove" a live bass & ambient marvel! wee love Audiosapian rocking So. Fla


“Wow...I love the whole concept for your sound, image, I'll join ur movement. I "like" :) ”

RAE (A Rae Thing)

“damn i like your stuff man, totally awesome... are you aware that "behind closed doors" is brilliant?”

Mental embargo

“Waiting on a Moonbeam - great production and relaxing vibe, but with a lovely chilly-dark undertone.”


“Friday night is going to be a long one but we're taking it easy with audiosapien, explore the inner space of sounds with ultra cool d&b, just immense”

Rodeo Terrorists

“Your music is great! really awesome drums! ”

Lydia Plain

“waiting on a moon beam :O) Love it ! ”

Tivoli Skye

“Love your music ! ”

Prince Sampson

"Waiting on a Moonbeam" ...very cool style you have with your music..


“My eardrums are so much hipper from listening today. Great grooves!!!!! ”

Joani Taylor

“Great Sonic Spaces here... ”

Music AutOmatiK

“...returning yet again like a moth to a flame...great work..i get lost in the vibes..bmc* ”


“Ultra smooth vibes ~ makes a cool change ~ ”

Andrew Austin

“Very eclectic style! I like it! ”

Candida Kandinskij

“...continuously enjoyable..'evolution of groove' is just sublime!..wonderful work...cheers! ”


“..Thank you for wrapping our world with your musical fabric...We spider ferns are suspended in your magical cocoon...Happy New to you...our most treasured friend....”

the spider ferns

“Most people just make music but my friend, you.... are an ARTIST.”

Jules Ferguson

“brilliance here...”


"You are an extraordinary talent! I love the ambiance and vibe of "Evolution of Groove"

White Oleander

“Great atmospheres! Especially like Walking on a Moon Beam!”

Redshift Machine

“Oooh, musical bliss! Your tracks are erotic, artistic, hypnotic! I loved every second of "Evolution of Groove."”

Juliann Andreen

“Love the name, and the sound! You are definitely one talented creature”


“big respect to your tunes bro..just love the dynamics in the production..the gentle build of "fallin" with that Rhodes just talking quietly at the edge and the beats getting crispy sharp and pulling us in further..it's a wicked good tune and a shiny, detailed piece of mixing. Cut above the rest!!”


“Great vibe on "Depth of a Seeker" -- classy and smoooove!”

The Tragic Clowns

"...returning yet again like a moth to a flame...great work..i get lost in the vibes..bmc* "


“I adore the atmosphere you make through your music... Fantastic,”


“Beautiful and very itneresting pieces ! Something out of the usual, between the pop, the jazz, the psychedelic. I just say WOW!”


“Scarily chilly is distant meadows”