The Monomonkeys / Press

“Digging it !”

Spirits of Another Day

“Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your music! Your musical efforts are unique, entertaining…and well,just sensational!”

Pat Branch

“Very cool, love the calamity that is taking place behind the plodding rhythm and stoic vocals. Great song, give us more!”

Worry the Bones

“Skeletons is awesome!! You guys need to post more music and fast!!”

The Prophet Samuel

“Wickedly catchy song Monomonkeys, bravo and more please! -Wayne”

The Well Trained Monkeys

“That's totally F@#KEN AWESOME! Looking forward to more!!!!”

The Time Bomb


Pat Egan

“It would be great for a soundtrack to a Tim Burton animated film.”

Steve Ambroise

“Very cool.”

Steve Ambroise

“Two come together and produce something which is unlike either has done before as far as I can tell. Roger Waters/Pink Floyd comes to mind. I loved it.”

Nigel Spencer

“Well, what a beauty!”

Nigel Spencer

“You guys are a great band.”

Miguel Xisto