The Ground Beneath / Press

“Steve Civerolo, lead singer and guitarist of Burque metalheads The Ground Beneath, called me from somewhere in Missouri last week. It was the second time in as many months I've talked to the band from their touring vehicle, The Van Beneath, while en route to a gig outside New Mexico. This is not a band of slackers. (Steve keeps a complete log of every show the band has played at www.thegroundbeneath.com.) And to put an exclamation point on all the intense touring and promotion they do, TGB is made up of just three people. (Although I like to think of their long, luxurious hair as the group's fourth member. It's silent but violent. ) TGB will release their second album, a surprisingly souped-up live recording called Deficient: Live at the Launchpad, this Sunday, June 17, at—where else?—the Launchpad. The show is $5 if you're 21-or-over, $7 for the all-ages crowd. Catch them before they're on the road again.”