Chris Rockwell / Press

"His sound will definitely take fans back to beatboxing, boombox, and graffiti days of Hip Hop!"

“Chris Rockwell & The Stickball Social Club’s rock hip-hop style takes spoken word to a whole other level.”

"I’d been racking my brain on how to sum this up. There are so many words I can use to describe how I feel about this new album. Chris Rockwell is an incredible lyricist with a phenomenal delivery. Summed up, black and white, THIS is the album I’ve spent my life looking for. Hands down."

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Chris’ career evolve to where it is now, where he’s putting his best work on an album for his adoring fans to cherish. “Buildings Will Collapse” channels diverse influences and musical genres. It’s tough to define, but so is Chris Rockwell. It’s a quality album that’s worth a listen for any hip hop head with an open mind.”

"He is an incredible lyricist with a phenomenal delivery."

"Chris Rockwell should be applauded for his dogged determination to keep the flame of sincerity alive."

“Chris Rockwell And The Stickball Social Club are an unapologetic blend of Spaghetti Westerns, Cake, Slick Rick, Super Fly and G Love. Calling Rockwell a literal hip-hop artist is a completely distorted description. Sure, there are influential ghosts that fly throughout his music, but the truth be told, Rockwell is more akin to Jim McCrea than he is to KRS-One or 2 Chainz. When you look at the national acts his band has shared the stage with, that statement gets even more complicated. From Bootsy Collins to DasEFX, Alien Ant Farm and Keith Murray, Stickball Social Club is anything but a predictable hip-hop “Party All Night” creation.”

“Chris Rockwell & the Stickball Social Club is quickly becoming the “it” band of the Asbury scene with their fresh, fun, high-energy and anthemic instrument-based alternative/hip-hop sound. Listen to them once, just once, and you’ll be grooving to their songs the rest of the night. These guys are that damn good. But, most importantly — they’re different. This isn’t the same type of music you here at being churned out every which way you look and on every radio dial you tune into. These guys have something all their own and it’s definitely worth supporting.”

“Buildings will collapse is the superbly unique, original, successful, and downright beautiful culmination of decades worth of failed attempts to combine hip hop and rock. It doesn't sound like anything else except for what music should be. Hats off to Chris Rockwell for doing the impossibly and doing it flawlessly.”

Janelle Kastner - President of Jersey Strong Records

"He’s young, energetic, and very talented – definitely someone you’ll want to follow!"

"Chris Rockwell has some good stuff in his chapbook 'Falling While Standing'. He gets all self reflective at times..."