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“Nephelium Coils of Entropy review from Germany - Ragazzi webzine”

“LOUDER THAN HELL Interview with Nephelium's drummer Alan Madhavan”

“Review of Nephelium's debut Album Coils of Entropy in the german print metal magazine LEGACY”

“Instrumental brutality and a hearty sound of turbocharged guise.”

“Highly recommended. A debut album that established bands will have a difficult time overtaking this year. 9 out of 10”

“Coils of Entropy” is brutal, technical and fast."”

“Coils of Entropy will quickly make Nephelium a newly signed band, with all the metal trappings included.”

"Nouvelle sensation internationale suintant la sauvagerie sonore par tous les pore, Nephelium lance sa première offensive impitoyable sur le monde !

“Coils of Entropy, the band’s first full-length, is deliciously disgusting music. Entropy is the word indeed as Coils is technical in an unchecked and disorganized way: it surges and seethes with deranged fervor, like carnivorous razor blade maggots.”

“Bringing brutality to your ears from the Emirates, Nephelium's natural habitat is quite clearly devastating death metal....there's plenty here to get your ears filthy and bloody.”

Terorizer Magazine

“Coils Of Entropy is a very powerful Death Metal Album Full of aggression with heavy riffs, quality guitar solo’s pounding drums and really harsh growling...I can see why they are called Toronto’s premium Death Metal outfit.”

“NEPHELIUM is number 9 on the 2012 full year top 20 Canadian LOUD radio charts”

“Nephelium's Coils of Entropy #1 overall for March 2012 on Canadian National Loud radio charts. ”

“Review of Coils of Entropy, in Hungarian, from VASKARC 9.4 / 10"”

“Nephelium aren’t the new shit, nor are they the old; they’re simply THE shit. Coils of Entropy is about riffs and reaction; I feel an uncontrollable desire to destroy when in its clutches. Don’t pass on this engaging edifice of mandatory neck wreckage. 8.6/10”

“LOST IN CHAOS MEDIAZINE Interview with Alan Madhavan, Drummer for NEPHELIUM”

“Radioactive Metal: Episode 210 – The Guy From Dubai”


“NEPHELIUM is number 6 in the METALMADEINCANADA.CA top 20 albums of 2012 !!!”

“Q & A: Dubai’s death metal export Nephelium on reclaiming its Canadian roots and the current state of Toronto’s metal scene”

“Musicalement, les amateurs de sensations fortes apprécieront le dosage entre Death old-school (pour la voix porcine) et moderne (pour la technique et la mise en place). Les soli sont rapides et les descentes de toms sont multiples, mais c’est le break Prog’ à 7’00 du morceau-titre qui laisse entrevoir un potentiel intéressant pour la suite. Bref, un excellent second choix pour ce premier trimestre”

“Come unleash the spirit of death metal in your soul and go check this album, it’s really worth.”

“Grinding and technical, but not overly so. Middle Eastern melodies and flavors, especially in the solos, betrays the bands roots in Dubai more than ten years ago. And the solos, they're tasteful, melodic, and plentiful.”

“Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Nephelium’s Alan Madhavan”

“What Nephelium have done is produce tracks which do death metal justice, show where their influences came from, and show that it is still possible to hammer out heavy assed tracks without the need to add in over the top production or song parts which aren’t needed. This is intricate death metal at its finest, full of heaviness, power and aggression – and I for one want to hear a lot more of this.”

“Just in case you got tired by the latest offerings from your favourite 'major' Death Metal band why not check this talented outfit out? A nice lethal slap in your face by formerly Dubai based Deathers NEPHELIUM”

“Nephelium live show review : "Metal is known for its audience affecting the vibe of the show. In this case, the energy, passion, and respect stood in favor of Nephelium in a death metal setting."”

“Make no mistake about it; this is a very brutal album. In fact, Coils of Entropy is about the heaviest thing I have heard this year. 4 / 5”

“The fact that Nephelium is releasing something this strong before it is even signed puts the band way ahead of plenty of groups out there today”

“There is no doubt that everyone who is out here seeking from fresh blood in this scene can check NEPHELIUM out and be prepared to give more CD spins in order to sense all the music tastes presented here. 8 / 10”

“I am extremely impressed with this album. The intensity is infectious and this band has a very bright future.”

“With Such an impressive debut, Nephelium is sure to become a fixture in the global metal scene. Grab a copy of Coils of Entropy and keep your eyes peeled on this up-andco-ming band as it continues to shred faces and make a name for itself”

“This is by far the finest (first?) metal band out of Dubai since…well, ever. Nephelium’s debut album, Coils of Entropy hits you and hits you HARD. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more angry yet focused at the same time, this is for you. Don’t let the fact that you’ve never heard of this band force you to not get this. I don’t care where you get it (from KZSC perhaps?) just go and listen to this now. Dammit.”

“…they’ve already become more-and other-than just another entity inspired by the likes of Nile, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Vader and Cannibal Corpse. Much of Coils appeal resides in the band’s capacity for incorporating technique without coming off as merely technical. Madhavan’s a monster. Zubair is a master, consistently loading beautifully constructed solos with maximum emotional payloads to create genuinely memorable moments.”

Decibel Magazine

“Overall, Nephelium have put together a very solid debut, it’s not perfect, but they’ve definitely shown that they’ve got talent. Check out Coils Of Entropy, it’s well worth your time.”

“INTERVIEW with Nephelium's drummer Alan Madhavan on THE CORE OF BRUTALITY”

“This is comparable to the death metal of Nile, Origin and Immolation but maybe even more brutal.”

“Nephelium is made of pure death metal awesomeness, which the thinning crowd at the Hard Luck got served on a thick'n'hard hitting metal platter.”

“Coils Of Entropy nous montre que Nephelium méritent leur montée de popularité et que parti comme ils le sont, ça risque fort bien d’être un groupe à surveiller durant les prochaines années. Leur monté de popularité n’est pas prête de s’arrêter!”

“They’re churning out death metal akin to heavyweights like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Vader and Nile.”

“PureGrainAudio interview with Alex Zubair of Nephelium”

“One of the more interesting stories of any band in 2012 is that of NEPHELIUM. These emerging tech death heroes play a mix of modern death metal, with high caliber musicianship and an old school vibe.”

“NEPHELIUM still #1 on National Canadian "Loud"College Radio charts. Second week in a row :)”

“Nephelium #1 on Canadian College Radio Loud Charts!”

“This is death metal the brutal and heavy way. Just let yourself be indulged in this heavy death metal extravaganza that is “Coils Of Entropy””

“Coils of Entropy has pretty much everything you can ask for from a slab of brutal, technical modern death metal.”

Zero Tolerance Magazine

“If you dig Teh Br00tal, you’ll dig this”

“In overall, “Coils Of Entropy” is a exceedingly technical but still maintain a soul behind the music. This release is well written music wise and I wait to see more of them.”

“Coils of Entropy is more than good. It has a way of growing on the listener. It starts out strong, laying down a rhythmic flow and a collection of bowls-of-the-earth vocals and slowly crawls in under the listener’s skin as the album progresses.”

“Nephelium’s ‘Coils Of Entropy’ on AUX’s Top 5 Metal of the Month”


“To brutally pulverize the listener on the one hand and subdue him with technical details on the other seems to be their game”

“Nephelium isn’t necessarily bringing anything new to the table in terms of death metal, but what they deliver on ‘Coils Of Entropy’ is incredibly well done.”

“This is a fun album, and there is something very compelling about Coils of Entropy. It’s as raw as a knee freshly skinned on jagged pavement, and that might just be what the immaculately produced and computerized metal scene needs right now”

“BLAKHART GUITARS (and basses) Featured artist : Florian Ravet of NEPHELIUM”

“Nephelium – #5 on Top 30 albums: Feb 6 – Feb 12, 2012- CKCU 931. FM (Ottawa)”

“Absolute Underground Magazine – Feb / March 2012 – Interview – Nephelium”

“À découvrir pour les amateurs de death métal et de shawarma épicé dans le piton! 7 / 10”

“Technical Death Metal aficionados will want to give this one a listen.”

“The album will hopefully please both new and old fans of the death metal scene alike through its old school brutality served with a touch of modern complexity.”

“These guys have definitely made their mark on the death metal genre and I look forward to what they will come up with next. But for now I will enjoy this masterpiece that is Coils Of Entropy! Rating: 8.7/10”

“Nephelium # 2 On Canadian National Radio Loud Chart – For The Third week in a row”

“Raw, brutal, old school Death Metal with quite some technical influences. I don’t know how NEPHELIUM sounded in their early years, but I have to admit that “Coils Of Entropy” sounds not only refreshing, but also mindblowing now and then”

“Non ci stracceremo le vesti per il tasso di innovazione, nulla viene infatti stravolto a livello di proposta, ma non ne facciamo una colta ai Nephelium. Rimane la qualità tecnica e strumentale degli interpreti, la capacità di rendersi camaleontici in ogni frangente, pur rispettando ciecamente i dettami del Brutal più intransigente.”

“NEPHELIUM band of the week on NEFARIOUS REALM”

““Coils of Entropy” combines complexity and brutality into death metal that knocks you on your ass, holds you down and then flaunts its shredding skill in your face”

“BLAKHART GUITARS Featured Artist : Alex Zubair of NEPHELIUM”

“It’s worth a listen if you are a fan of death metal, or just good metal. From start to finish the album is a punishing mix of death, black, and thrash metal with a nice touch of their home town Arabic influences thrown in.”

“The album’s blend of arresting riffs, insistent groove, punishing brutality and intelligent, ever-shifting songwriting makes it one of the most impressive death metal debuts I’ve heard in some time.”

“NEPHELIUM #7 on LOUD radio charts for KXSC 1560AM University of Southern California”

“De belles promesses contrastées par quelques défauts, Coils Of Entropy est un album de Brutal Death tout ce qu’il y a de plus honnête.”

“It’s insane to know that Nephelium has been a band since the late ‘90s; they should’ve been discovered a while back. Coils of Entropy will definitely have your horns up high—a truly worthy band to check out.”

“Thick, old school Death Metal sound that is brutal, crushing and fortunately not montonous. The main goal of NEPHELIUM is to strike hard and fast, but leave a lasting impression.”

“Is it 'technical'? Is it 'brutal' ? Is it 'progressive'? Nephelium have found a pretty sweet spot kinda combining a number of the aforementioned shades of grey into a fairly raging monster.”

“The whole band delivers loud, fast, dark metal that with natural talent and precision that'll basically just blow your brains out. I was surprised at the amount of skill these guys have. There's so many layers to the sound, with both guitarists holding their own as amazing, the drumming is just INSANE, and the vocals are rip-roaring magnificent.”

“If you consider yourself a true brutal death metal fan : you HAVE to check out this album : Coils of Entropy from Nephelium. 8.5 OUT OF 10”

“if you are into death metal and grindcore, you will most likely get hooked on “Coils of Entropy” the very first time you put it on your iPod, but this album will keep growing on you for months”

“Nephelium offers is death metal with an array of extreme metal touches, and an undercurrent of classic thrash metal. The band seeks to remain true to the standards of acts like Death, Testament, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and Napalm Death, while putting its own signature dynamic into the mix. The result is a stunning debut of the most punishing kind.”

“The album is undeniably brutal, considerably technical, yet interestingly approachable. The six tracks are dominated by swirling riffs, seemingly wayward beat patterns, and familiar belching guttural death metal vocals”

“This is great stuff, amazing for a debut, and it’s very shocking that this is an independent release, as it’s death metal of top-tier quality, from the playing to the songwriting to the production. 9.0 out of 10”

“Old school or blended band, Nephelium is like no other death metal crew”

“Nice solos, some good complex riffs and brutal but uncommon vocals.”

“Nephelium’s introduction to the headbanging masses is a completely solid choice for brutal death metal fans. “Coils of Entropy” keeps up the extreme heaviness necessary to please fans of straight death metal, and manages to throw in a good bit of complexity without getting pretentious or overly melodic”

“If you want crushing riffs, evil screams and maniacal drumming; then Nephelium has what you need.”

“Because Coils of Entropy boasts a snappy, but natural production job, the band has to rely on actual songs, not lazy beatdowns to get their point across. And they do for the most, especially on the technically-inclined "Malediction" and title track, both of which benefit from knifing rhythms and chunky riffs.”

“Any self respecting fan of death metal or heavy music in general must really do themselves a favor and check this release out. This is top class through and through. Highly recommended.”

“Just straight up ripping, pummeling, brutal groovy death metal — no bells and whistles, just the way I like it.”

“It's not every day a death metal band nowadays sounds technically proficient and musical at the same time... The gut-punch feel of these guys will definitely make an impact when this drops in February 2012. ”

“Want death metal done, right? Get Coils Of Entropy”

“Nephelium are a very great sounding brutal death metal band and if you are a fan of this style, you should check out this band. Recommended Buy.”

“Kick ass brand of Death Metal. Brutal, blistering, and heavy as hell.”

“The guitar maintains a heavy Death Metal sound, but the vocals are consistently BDM along with the drumming.”

“Audio Quality: Gonna be Epic ! If you like technical death metal with old school roots and brutal sh*t you must get this album!”

“The essence of this album is sincerely horrific, and fiercely bludgeons every bit of sonic space with its piercing malignancy. In other words, just what a good death metal record should be doing”

“Try the first single from the album: "Merciless Annihilation." And yes, the track lives up to its title.”

“A six-track masterpiece that forges the perfect balance between technical death metal, old school metal and Arabian melodies”

“A great face melting head splitting performance!”

“Sounds Great! Raw and Brutal!!!”

Andy Larocque - (Guitarist for KING DIAMOND and DEATH)

“WOW!!! This is what I call Crunchy!!! And it appliess to both Guitars and Vocal Sounds!!! This Band embodies CRUNCH!!!”

Patrick Loisel - (Guitarist for AUGURY)

“Brutal, sludgy, precise, dark, atmospheric, and surprisingly catchy, Nephelium tackle death metal with the precision of a surgeon’s hand, or a Jigsaw trap.”

“It's brutal shit done right....Nephelium is one of the many examples of a death metal band that plays the fuck out of their instruments, plays the fuck out of them well.”

“A fast-moving blast wave of hot shrapnel, with brutally addictive rhythms, flashy guitar leads and solos”

“These guys hit it on the head, they nailed it. Its brutal and complex and definitely in your face”

“It's brutal, it's in your face, it's new but old, it's a must have in any metal heads library.”

“Nephelium Feature on page 13 of the February issue of Vandala Concepts ezine. New release, download and headlining the Carnage in Cambridge show”

“Coils of Entropy is better than your average death metal band. But I get the impression that Nephelium is still capable of even greater things and have the potential to become a heavy hitter in the years to come”

““Coils of Entropy” is pure old school brutal death metal in the same vein as Suffocation. All the ingredients are gathered here to create one of the best death metal album I heard in a while”

“The overall effect on this full-length debut is that of a less-contrived version of Nile, and if they keep improving, Nephelium just might end up being Canada’s and Dubai’s answer to those death metal masters.”

“The drums gallop at a maniacal pace, the guitars sound amazing and the vocals are gruff and dirty, just the way they should be for this record. And the solos, holy shit! Check this one out for sure.”

“Death Metal Never Sounded So Deadly”

“Nephelium # 7 – Loud Charts – KZSC 881.FM – Santa Cruz, CA”

“With such an impressive debut, Nephelium is sure to become a fixture in the global metal scene. Grab a copy of Coils of Entropy and keep your eyes peeled on this up-and-coming band as it continues to shred faces and make a name for itself.”

“Enfin un excellent band de Dubai”

“Nephelium’s “Coils of Entropy” is straight up death metal with no gimmicks or any filler bullshit. This is straight up raw and dirty death metal”

“The ability and relief to resist uber technical madness leads to sensible song arrangements and pushes ‘Coils of Entropy’ into a solid death metal album category that has a modern brush with reality whilst complimenting the old school, and that’s a pretty solid statement in my books.”

“Nephelium album “Coils of Entropy” is very appealing if your into old school death metal. It sounds classic but still modern showing off their guitar skills and heavy drum beats and vocals. Definitely a cd to check out this year if you’re a death metal fan.”

“One of the most promising bands of death metal. Why aren’t Nephelium signed to some competent label? Can anyone explain to me why?”

“'Coils Of Entropy' will kindle even the smallest burning flame in anyone.”

“Those who enjoy the sheer weighty heaviness of death metal at its best should relish the music on this album.”

“NEPHELIUM #2 on Canadian college loud radio charts !!”

“ijkt het me een uitstekende schijf die ook weer niet zal misstaan in de gemiddelde extreme metalverzameling. Het ongebreidelde enthousiasme dat de heren weten over te brengen, trekt ondergetekende in elk geval over de streep”

“From the start this album greets the listener with technical if chaotic death metal and leaves you anticipating more. This is a highly recommended debut.”

“NEPHELIUM is one of tomorrow's fucking pillars of the modern Death Metal scene. 9.5/10”

“Meat-grinder guitars slash through tortured arrangements filled with more changes than one can shake a scimitar at”

“Nephelium’s music is the perfect synthesis of excessively brutal death metal, sludgy riffs and vocals, and a surprising sense of music and instrumental virtuosity.”

“They’re churning out death metal akin to heavyweights like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Vader and Nile”

“Coils of Entropy is nothing but a brilliantly executed album with each member of the band being extremely proficient on their instruments, backed by excellent songwriting which nicely displays the band's aggressive style of brutal death metal.”

“Nephelium is a phenomenal band. They seamlessly blend new techniques with tried-and-true methods of classic death metal. Being labled as "Metal juggernauts" suits Nephelium”

“Man, is this ever tight. The best part about Coils of Entropy is the sound, which feels modern from its recording process, yet is brutal old-school ’90s-style in the band’s execution”

“La principale qualité du groupe : envoyer du lourd avec des riffs pesants, sous couvert d'une batterie cataclysmique et d'un grogneur qui n'a rien à envier à la concurrence. Bien plus brutal que ses compatriotes de Nervecell”

“This will appeal to a wide range of death metal fans. The old school death fans will enjoy the pace and heaviness whilst the fans of the more technical metal style will enjoy the twists and turns they offer up ”

“Nephelium remettent au gout du jour le genre vieille école en y apposant un souffle actuel.”

“One of the best death metal albums you will hear this coming year. Superb release”

“If you are a fan of death metal and like fast arrangements and tempo changes with blast beats and brutal riffs then this band is for you”

“Good ol' brutal death metal done well with mixage between slow and fast; stuff that connects between the likes of Obituary, Decrepit Birth and even Cannibal Corpse.”

“Instrumental brutality and a hearty sound of turbocharged guise.”

“Q : Can you list some of the band’s main influences? A : Some of our main influences are Death, Decapitated, Vader and Kronos to name a few”

“Revolution Music interviews Nephelium's drummer and co-founder Alan Madhavan (click below)”

“Brutal In Your Face Metal That Wants to Kick You In The Teeth!!!”

(SPV and Metalville Records)

“If you’re tired of the same old shit, then it’s time to try something different and Nephelium certainly gave me that fix.”