Damien Deadson / Press

"Damien Deadson take you on a trip through hell with howling vocals and machine gun drumming."

"Overall, Crown Me, Destroyer is very technically sound, and is a fine example of metal for the masses."

“If you want to truly hear the sound of someone raging with unmatched ferocity and pure hatred, you’re in for a treat as Damien Deadson brings the pain in a fearsome way.”

“Damien Deadson are a serious force to be reckoned with, and a band we can’t afford to ignore anymore. ”

“These riffs are so pissed! Ryan Helm (Damien Deadson) is a genius. Please scope this stuff. This is good stuff to me. Has a lot of potential to grow into something huge!”

“The result is an album that feels almost futuristic in nature, and is a far cry from the dated and generic metalcore sound you would've otherwise expected. It's quite simply a breath of fresh air and originality in a genre that's been in dire need of that for a long while now. Djent fans and metalcore fans alike should welcome Damien Deadson with open arms in 2012.”

“I went into this music very open to what I was about to hear and no entirely sure what it would present, but what I’ve been faced with is something far beyond anything I could have expected. Soaring vocals, heavy riffs, rolling drums – it’s all here and ready to go. I for one would love to get out to see these guys on the live scene to see if the music can be reproduced on that front, if it can, then wow – these guys are going places.”

““A Warm and Dark Embrace vehemently attacks from the get-go…””

“Hearing this album gives you hope for this genre. At least some bands are still fighting to keep this essential genre alive. It is not only an in-your-face album like many bands of its genre, but yet it is. From track one, to track ten, it is a listening experience I believe no one should miss out on.”

Brad Wipert - metal head review