Never The Bride / Press

“An absolutely brilliant band”

Bob Harris - BBC Radio 2

“The delicate and sometimes melancholy piano finesse of Catherine Feeney cradles Lamborn’s sweet style throughout.”


“I’ve just discovered Never The Bride through LinkedIn connection. Social networks do pay off on occasion and this is truly an occasion. I have been in the music business for nearly 50 years, and it pains me to spend so much of that time hearing so few exceptional voices and promising band arrangements. Never The Bride is a rare exception. I love the nature of your sound and intensity of your delivery.”

Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper, Lou Reed)

“Nikki Lamborn has real stage mastery and tremendous power. The audience were spellbound.”

Blues Matters

“Never the Bride rocked our world. Our friends, family and party liggers were blown away by a beautiful blend of sassy, classy Rock and Blues.”

Ash and Andy - Salon Concert Hosts 2011

“You're Luminous”

Carlos Santana to Nikki at the 02 Arena, London

“These women exude their souls in their music and lyrics”

Blues In Britain

“Apologies to Mr Daltrey but I never saw the Who do a version of Pinball Wizard to rival yours on Saturday night. The whole band were wonderful.”

Ash and Andy - Salon Concert Hosts 2011

“You were absolutely brilliant on Friday night in the Abertillery Blues Festival. You were the band that people were talking about at the end of the night and the following morning”

“Never The Bride – the Thelma and Louise of rock ‘n’ roll – were perhaps, the surprise sensation of the weekend and sparked some of the biggest singalongs with the women. They showcased their new single ’April Rain’ which was truly sensational.”

“Never the Bride Rock, Roll and thoroughly entertain”

Sue Marchant - BBC Eastern Counties

“One of the big surprises of the day, for me, was Never The Bride. Their strap line is "Rock Music's Best Kept Secret" and they totally lived up to that.”

“One of the best live bands in Britain”

Bob Harris - BBC Radio Two

“They should not be a hidden gem for much longer”

Sunday Express

“Best rock voice since Janis Joplin”

Roger Daltrey

“Truly stellar band of musicians”

Bristol Evening Post

“Nikki Lamborn winds her body round every word, she leaps between Janis Joplin and Axl Rose”

Sunday Express

“My god can this girl sing! Nikki Lamborn has a real gutsy, corker of a voice”

Classic Rock Magazine

“The ultimate highlight”

Cumbria News and Star

“A Triumph”

Bristol Evening Post

“Warning: This band may be hazardous to your current idols!!”

Chatter Magazine


Dame Shirley Bassey

“Hearing Nikki’s bodice ripping voice certainly left an impression on me. The rest of the band were superb, especially Catherine Feeney with her keyboard wizardry and excellent vocals”

Cumbria News and Star